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Date Joined: November 05, 2012

Country: Philippines

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Author: Muhammad M Javed

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

The year's 2099, humanity's somehow managed not to blow itself up yet It's been 96 years since the human genome was sequenced and Dolly the sheep was cloned Pity that all the sheep went extinct sometime during 2049...

Features That Make Your Future Secure: Ten Things You Must See in Wood Routers

Author: Muhammad M Javed

Category: Business

It is features of a product that make it unique Similarly, different features of a tool that make it truly versatile in its functioning make it highly essential in your tool kit You must have known about the different features of a wood router...

Lose Weight by Using a Natural and Effective Way

Author: Muhammad M Javed

Category: Business

Gaining weight is much easier than losing weight A lot of people usually give up on the idea of losing weight because it usually takes more time and a lot more effort to do so In case you are facing trouble in shedding extra pounds do not look for an overnight miracle to happen rather than go for plexus slim (http://www...

How to Write a Winning Non-Fiction Book Proposal

Author: Muhammad M Javed

Category: Writing

When it comes to writing a winning non-fiction book proposal, even some of the best budding writers could find themselves scratching their heads and chewing their pens to come up with a gleaming book proposal that would get the attention of the publishers and eventually get their book published in the market In today’s competitive world, where there is fierce competition to get published, even the best of the best need some help at some point of time Whether one has already completed writing a nonfiction book or is currently contemplating on commencing writing a new one, knowing how to write a winning non-fiction book proposal will go a long way in getting the book ultimately published...