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Charon’s Red Spot Caused by Pluto’s Atmosphere

Author: Naina Sharma

Category: Automotive

Examining images obtained by NASA’s New Horizons probe, scientists have found that the reddish spot at the North Pole of Charon is chemically processed methane that escaped from Plutos atmosphere onto its largest moonThe cameras on New Horizons spacecraft first spotted the large reddish polar region on Charon in June 2015 – something scientists had never seen elsewhere in our solar systemOver the past year, after analysing the images and other data that New Horizons has sent back from its historic July 2015 flight through the Pluto system, the scientists think Charon’s polar colouring comes from Pluto itself...

Human Sounds and Languages Are Interrelated: Scientists

Author: Naina Sharma

Category: Writing

Scientists have in an analysis of nearly two-thirds of the world’s languages found that humans tend to use the same sounds for common objects and ideas, no matter what language they speakThe research, shattered the cornerstone concept in linguistics and demonstrated a robust statistical relationship between certain basic concepts — from body parts to familial relationships and aspects of the natural world — and the sounds humans around the world use to describe them, researchers said“These sound symbolic patterns show up again and again across the world, independent of the geographical dispersal of humans and independent of language lineage,” said Professor and Cognitive scientist Morten H...