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Date Joined: March 09, 2012

Country: United States

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Action Business Coaching: Creating Dynamic Teams

Author: Patrick McGuinness

Category: Sports

Action business coaching uses a novel outdoor experience and adventure therapy to facilitate transformation in business leaders You can do it Mark" Fifty feet in the air, Mark reaches tenuously for a ring, clips it to his harness...

10 Youth Sports Coaching Tips to Prevent Sexual Abuse

Author: Patrick McGuinness

Category: Sports

A youth sports coaching relationship between a child and a coach is different from other relationships a child has with adults Most people find it easy to identify the line where the coaching relationship ends and a more personal relationship begins Since the Penn State Scandal we are all more aware of sexual abuse in youth sports...

Business Leadership Coaching For Management Transitions

Author: Patrick McGuinness

Category: Leadership

Merging Business Leadership Coaching and Emotional Intelligence: Tom was a natural at sales He ranked high on several emotional intelligence skills He was charismatic, enthusiastic and always the top performing sales professional in his team...

Emotional Intelligence For Romantic Partners

Author: Patrick McGuinness

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

I once worked with a couple suffering from on-going conflict As Part of the emotional intelligence assessment, I asked the man, John, to state his primary concerns about his wife's behavior He explained that his wife, Katie, would, become wildly emotional and hostile with out provocation...

Action Business Coaching and Adventure Therapy Revives the Burned Out Professional

Author: Patrick McGuinness

Category: Self Help

"Action business coaching is calling me" a professional, experiencing the trappings of success feels burned-out "I need adventure therapy...

Emotional Intelligence – Achieving Your Financial Dreams

Author: Patrick McGuinness

Category: Finances

A look at how can emotional intelligence make your dreams come true: Americans with a salary of $100,000 per year can become millionaires in a relatively short period of time According to Thomas Stanly, PhD and William Danko, Ph...

Emotional Intelligence Skills For Customer Retention

Author: Patrick McGuinness

Category: Business

Emotional Intelligence skills are essential for you as a professional if sales are part of your job Emotional intelligence skills help you understand yourself and attend to your customer's thoughts and feelings However, there are a number of techniques and practices that, when combined with powerful emotional intelligence skills, can help you to lead your markets and niches...

Emotional Intelligence Skills For Leaders That Prevent Burn-out

Author: Patrick McGuinness

Category: Home Management

Developing emotional intelligence skills for renewed career enthusiasm: You've cherry picked the best supervisors possible after an arduous planning process The contract states that your company has 8 months to complete a multi-million dollar municipal building You've prepared your staff with management briefings, motivational speeches and overviews...