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Date Joined: December 13, 2013

Country: Australia

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How to Create Your Own Gift Cards

Author: Penelope Day

Category: Finances

If you need to send someone a special hello but you’re on a budget or just set on sending an envelope-shaped gift, then making a card with your own two crafty hands is the way to go Making cards is easy and affordable Even if you’re living off cereal you can use the cereal box as the backing for your card and some old pasta to create noodle-inspired art...

Gift Ideas For Friends in Hospital

Author: Penelope Day

Category: Shopping

We’ve all had that moment where a friend or family member ends up in hospital It may be for a celebratory occasion like the birth of a baby but unfortunately there are times where a hospital visit is for someone who has fallen ill or been hurt Sending your condolences is important to show you care and keep your friends spirits up while they’re not feeling the best so we’ve put together some of the best gift ideas for patients who need some happiness...

Six Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas You Can Make at Home

Author: Penelope Day

Category: Shopping

With social sites like Pinterest and Instagram ruling the lives of us mere mortals, there's no longer any excuse for giving gifts wrapped in plain old Christmas wrapping paper These days you have to put your creative cap on, get the glue and colouring pencils out and get busy making The best part of this though… the fun...

Essential Tips For Looking Good in Winter

Author: Penelope Day

Category: Fashion

The cooler weather has arrived and it's time to get your winter clothes out of storage and snuggle up close to loved ones To keep your beautiful self looking tip-top we've got a few essential winter tips to get you through the colder months and arise like a glorious chicken in spring Or butterfly from chrysalis - whichever you prefer...