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Date Joined: January 05, 2014

Country: United States

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Memories of Loss Loves/ How Not to Forget

Author: Penny Diaz

Category: Death

How do you keep all the memories of a loved one that passed away recently or even many years ago At least at one point of our lives, we have all lost someone very closed to us, such as a parent, grandparent or even as horrible as it may sound, a child What can you do to remember every single thing about them...

Family Safety / Do You Know Who Your Neighbors Are?

Author: Penny Diaz

Category: Family Concerns

Do you actually know who your neighbors are Do you know your daughters boyfriend or who is watching your children when you go out to dinner This may sound a little overboard, but these days we all know that things have changed a lot since we were children...

Women Over Weight / Should You Do the Same Workout As Men?/ I Have the True Answer

Author: Penny Diaz

Category: Self Help

The one true reason women have such a hard time losing weight is because we all think we should be doing all the lifting and exercise that makes us so soar and hurt for days and who is looking forward to that Did you know that women should be doing a totally different fitness program than men If you do the same program as the men do then believe me you will not lose a pound...

Bigger Breast Without the Surgery

Author: Penny Diaz

Category: Self Help

Imagine having the breast you've always wanted without having surgery to get them Believe it or not, the most effective strategies and techniques for breast enhancement have been proven by over 7500 women from all over the country It has also been proven that these women have actually gone from a size A cup to a size C cup bra in a very short time, 40 days or less, would you believe...

Does Your Child Suffer From Anxiety / Ways You Can Help

Author: Penny Diaz

Category: Self Help

These days it is so expensive to get the medical treatment we need and if our Children are suffering then we have to find a way no matter what the cost I want to help you find the treatment you need at a low cost for children with anxiety issues There really is nothing worse than not knowing what is wrong with your child and not having the income to find out...

Quit Your Job / Just Do It

Author: Penny Diaz

Category: Career

There is absolutely no reason to stay at a job you hate, it never gets better and by the time you decide to finally quit, you could have already found something else and moved on to something you actually enjoy I do think you should weigh the pro" and con's before taking the final stepLet's put it to the test, and once you have the answers to what it is you hate so much it most certainly will help when looking for what field or what steps your going to take before starting something new...

Career Changes Due to Stress / Tips For a Career Change and a Better Future.

Author: Penny Diaz

Category: Business

Though you may have decided that you were happy at one time with the decisions you made about your career, it's a fact that sometimes the stress level of the job was not thought out before hand Who ever said that you can't make a career change anytime you wanted to If your so sick of the same old routine day in and day out, you dread going to work and doing the same thing over and over again then it's most likely time that you looked down another path to your future...

Job Opportunities / Working From Home Over Age 50

Author: Penny Diaz

Category: Home Management

What a wake up call, You worked for years maybe never stayed at one job long enough to have enough retirement to get you through for the rest of your life Most people who worked at one place for over 30 years do not have enough to live on once they have retired So what do you do now...