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Oxygen Monitor For Foups in Semiconductors and Cleanrooms

Author: PureAire Oxygen Monitor

Category: Computers and Technology

Over time, the contamination control requirements in the semiconductor industry have become more stringent Employees now must spend more time adhering to cleaning protocols to preserve the sanitary nature of the environment and comply with regulations The front-end unified pod (or FOUP) began appearing in semiconductors in the 1990s, serving as a transportation box to safely and securely hold silicon wafers and ensure easier compliance with the industry's contamination control requirements...

PureAire O2 Monitor For Food Manufacturing Tunnel/Freezers With N2 and CO2: Using a 10 Year No Calibration Sensor

Author: PureAire Oxygen Monitor

Category: Cooking

For flash freezing nothing beats a liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide immersion or tunnel style freezer for efficiency, overall performance, and cost savings If you haven't yet switched to an immersion freezer, doing so now could position you to better compete in your market segment and save money over time Learn more about why these freezers are a must for frozen food manufacturers...

Dry Ice –Carbon Dioxide: Where Is It Being Used And How To Handle Safely

Author: PureAire Oxygen Monitor

Category: Business

Carbon dioxide, in its solid form, is colder than ice It is so cold, in fact, that handling it without protection can cause frostbite It does not melt, but instead dissipates into a gas that can be dangerous to breathe...

Long Lasting Safety With PureAire Monitoring Systems’ 10+ Year Sensors

Author: PureAire Oxygen Monitor

Category: Business

When it comes to oxygen deficiency monitors, PureAire makes the longest lasting units on the market They believe your safety should not be taken lightly, and have created a reliable and affordable monitor that will outlast all of their competitors PureAire Monitoring Systems has broken away from the norm of using disposable sensor cells, and has introduced the groundbreaking technology of a 10+ year maintenance free sensor...

PureAire’s O2 Monitor Used in High Altitude Training Gains Recognition Among Athletes

Author: PureAire Oxygen Monitor

Category: Business

Since 2006 PureAire Monitoring Systems O2 Monitors have been used in Hypoxic High Altitude Training rooms The training rooms are designed to lower the breathable oxygen using nitrogen, and the oxygen monitor is needed to maintain the environment The technology used to lower the O2 level is used with a nitrogen generator...