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Date Joined: February 21, 2016

Country: Australia

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Portable Platform For Advanced Electro-Medical Applications


Category: Medicines and Remedies

SIS Manufacturing Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia, has launched the first of its kind, portable, state of the art, multi-purpose electronic platform for both advanced electro-medical applications, and non-therapeutic ultra-low Microcurrent and low voltage generation, for widest possible accessibility and distribution Patent Pending device and technologyThe SIS machine and electrode system has been designed to be the most viable alternative to antibiotics and antiviral drugs for localized infections that can be implemented immediately...

Whole Person Healing Complementary and Alternative Medicine For Cancer

Author: Richard Malter

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

Any sound health safeguarding and restoring approach should at least include a thorough assessment of an individual's lifestyle, chemical toxic exposure levels (of which there are never really nil in the modern industrialized world), modern day near ubiquitous artificial electromagnetic radiation exposure, diet, nutrition, and the subtle things in life that to some extent come under the generalized guise of "stress" This has been called, Whole Person HealingThese health factors apply directly, but not only to an individual's health generally, but just as much, and also just as directly, down to the scale of small groups of cells, single cells, and small 'parts' of single cells, anywhere in the body...

The Potential of Alternative Cancer Treatment

Author: Richard Malter

Category: Medicines and Remedies

Despite modern high-tech, modern thinking about cancer remains based in 19-20th century classical physics models that do not relate well to living systems- as Niels Bohr pointed out 50 years ago Cancer is still thought of as a linear, one way progression of stages with a terminal end pointUsing a general systems theory approach, far more closely resembling Nature, cancers can be understood as the outcomes of complex mixes of emergent properties-greater than the sum of their parts-of pathological cellular and tissue microenvironments...

Alternative and Natural Cancer Treatment and Therapy in Australia by Richard Malter

Author: Richard Malter

Category: Cancer Survival

Alternative and natural cancer treatments and therapies in Australia, though often described by these terms, are currently characterized as being mostly palliatively orientated, to varying degrees, and predominantly consist of general health promoting practices such as meditation, lifestyle and dietary changes There are also traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic practices and numerous others from various healing traditions that provide treatments for "cancer", based on their respective, insightful whole person healing medical models All these approaches are usually implemented supplementary to conventional oncological interventions...