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An article by an Premium Author Mexican Wall Vs China Tunnel

Author: Seaport Jim

Category: World Affairs

If Mexico can pay for a wall, why shouldn’t China be allowed to pay for a tunnel There is a rising groundswell of belief among building trades workers that the best way to a secure, prosperous future, is to invest in transportation and energy infrastructure They feel that the U...

An article by an Premium Author The Bering Strait Tunnel; New Silk Road

Author: Seaport Jim

Category: World Affairs

Can a policy of worldwide economic development, by extending the Euro-Asian Silk Road to North and South America via a railroad tunnel under the Bearing Straits to Alaska bring peace and prosperity to the world The Bering Strait Land Bridge By extending the railroad westward after the end of the US Civil War, we created the biggest economic expansion and prosperity civilization has ever known As early as 1890, US railroad civil engineers imagined rail traffic from Los Angeles to Alaska then bridging the Bering Strait to Siberia...

An article by an Premium Author Philip K Dick 20th Century Visionary, Mystic, Prophet

Author: Seaport Jim

Category: Society

“Oh my God, what if … Philip K Dick wanted to arouse that emotion in his readers That is why readers liked his science fiction writing...

An article by an Premium Author Christmas Tree Angel Tradition

Author: Seaport Jim

Category: Short Stories

Keeping with a century old tradition, the placing the Christmas Tree Angel is the last decoration placed on the Xmas tree It started on December 23rd decades ago On that cold winter day, anticipating Christmas Morning, Santa went to the sleigh loading area at the North Pole...

An article by an Premium Author TransWorld Railroad Fast and Safe

Author: Seaport Jim

Category: Society

A paradigm shift in the world system of High Speed Rail, HSR, is upon us with the introduction of the Worldwide Silk Road extension proposed by China With the help of Russia, Canada, and the United States, the Chinese offer a high-speed railway for moving container freight and passengers Time is an extremely precious commodity in the Twenty-first Century...

An article by an Premium Author Pixie and the Fool

Author: Seaport Jim

Category: Arts and Crafts

22 year-old Pamela Colman-Smith, nicknamed Pixie, a US citizen living in London was having an existential crisis On this day in November Smith needed money to fund a publishing enterprise featuring an Avant-Garde magazine called “The Green Sheaf” Pixie, like the Peter-Pan of her illustrations, started to feel like her friends had stopped believing in her...

An article by an Premium Author Roman Catholic Dissent of Supreme Court Decision Mandating Marriage Equality

Author: Seaport Jim

Category: Religion

Roman Catholics appreciate the separation of Church and State and obey the law of the land (Romans 13: 1-7) That law provides the right to dissent openly and honestly Catholics are saying this in response to the U...

An article by an Premium Author You Can Screw the Banks

Author: Seaport Jim

Category: Real Estate

I met a business associate at a meeting this morning “I lost my business over a year ago and haven’t found any steady employment since,” she told me after the meeting “My 401K, my investments and what little savings I have are almost gone...