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Date Joined: August 14, 2014

Country: Kenya

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Embroidery Digitizing For Caps – Your Top 10 Tips For Success

Author: Shah Rishi

Category: Advice

As powerful as baseball caps are promotional tools, the trickier it is to get their digitizing right These hot advertising favorites have started to reach the digitizer’s desk more often than not, bearing all sorts of insignia from monograms to logos, taglines and even website addresses The unique shape and fabric on caps make them difficult, but not impossible to digitize...

Capping Embroidery Digitizing Issues For Baseball Caps

Author: Shah Rishi

Category: Business

Baseball caps are one of the best promotional tools today They’re not only popular with people of all ages, but offer ample head space to perch that precious logo With so much riding on this popular piece of headgear – that is rather tricky to master - it’s imperative to get it right the first time...

Insight Into Apt Needle and Fabric Combos by the Seasoned Embroidery Digitizer

Author: Shah Rishi

Category: Womens Interest

Over years of operation in the field of machine embroidery, our expert panel has discovered that the key to getting high quality results lies in the tiny details One of these fine details includes the needle used to sew out the digitized design Yes, you could have a perfectly digitized design and production could be stalled only due to your choice in needles – a seemingly miniscule issue that can have repercussions of epic proportions...

Embroidery Digitizing For Personalized Gifts

Author: Shah Rishi

Category: Marriage

Embroidered gifts have always been a great way to give people personalized items that they’ll treasure for longer Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower, birthday or house warming, deciding on a gift is always a tough call However, the worst is if someone ends up giving the same gift as you...