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Date Joined: August 17, 2015

Country: Philippines

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Hiring Challenges Facing by the Hospitals to Find Healthcare Professionals

Author: Shankar Raju

Category: Medical Business

It's not only presumption, but the rising population with its rising lifestyle complexity is creating the demand for healthcare services to swell day by day There is a dark side of this great news With the increasing demand of the industry there is a steep decrease of the quality employee in the healthcare...

Nursing Specialties and Careers in Nursing

Author: Shankar Raju

Category: Career

Nursing is one of the most imposing profession in modern healthcare system and is essential to the future health care The profession was believed lowly in many years back, how ever, with time and efforts from individuals like Florence Nightingale the perception of society has altered towards the nursing profession Florence Nightingale was the legend, who had kick started the nursing profession, the legend who gave her life caring for the people those were sick, wounded and diseased...