Greece–Mexico relations

Greece-Mexico relations
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Greek-Mexican relations refers to the historical and current bilateral relationship between Greece and Mexico. Both nations are members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the United Nations.


Former Foreign Secretary of Mexico Patricia Espinosa and Foreign Minister of Greece Dimitris Avramopoulos in Athens in July 2012
Embassy of Mexico in Athens

Diplomatic relations between Greece and Mexico were established in Washington, DC on 17 May 1938. Between 1955-1964 diplomatic relations were carried out between Mexico's embassy in Rome, Italy and Greece's embassy in Washington, DC, United States; and through their respective honorary consulates. In 1965 resident embassies were established in each other's capitals.[1] In 1963, President Adolfo López Mateos was the first highest ranking Mexican official to visit Greece. In August 1986, the visit was reciprocated by Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou.[1]

Trade relations

In 2000, Mexico signed a Free Trade Agreement with the European Union (which includes Greece). Since 2000, trade between the two countries has grown considerably.[2] In 2017, two-way trade between both nations amounted to $230 million USD.[3] Greek exports to Mexico include: razors (42.2%), accessories for energy meter devices (17.5%), tobacco (10.5%), blades for electric razors (4.9%), and peaches (3.9%). Mexican exports to Greece include: octopus (13%), chickpeas (12.9%), beer (12.9%), coffee extracts (12.6%), and tequila (7.5%).[4]

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Greece–Mexico Relations

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