Greeks in Norway

Greeks in Norway
Total population
1,671 (2009)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Bergen, Oslo
Norwegian, Greek
Greek Orthodox Church
Related ethnic groups
Greek diaspora

Greeks in Norway form one of the country's smaller immigrant groups.

The Greek community in Norway consisted of 1,671[1] individuals in 2009, up from 1,572[2] in 2008. As of 2009, 673 are immigrants, 41 were born in Norway to two immigrant parents, and 809 were born in Norway to an immigrant parent. The majority are established in Bergen and Oslo. There are very few Greeks in Norway who are married to other Greeks.[citation needed]


11 pupils in Norwegian primary and lower secondary schools speak Greek as their primary language. Most of them live in Bergen.

County Greek pupils (2002) Greek pupils (2009)[3]
Hordaland 4 8
Akershus 4 1
Buskerud 2 1
Telemark 0 1
Sør-Trøndelag 5 0
Østfold 3 0
Hedmark 2 0
Vestfold 2 0
Aust-Agder 1 0
Rogaland 1 0
Total 24 11

Greek Orthodox Congregations in Norway

A number of the 7,600 Eastern Orthodox in Norway are Greeks. The primarily Greek congregation of the Annunciation of the Theotokos was founded in 1965 in Oslo with the main purpose of serving the Greek Orthodox community in Norway. The church is administrated under Metropolitan Pavlos Menevissoglou, based in Stockholm. The congregation celebrates the Divine Liturgy approximately once a month through the services of Archimandrite Evmenios Likakis or other Greek clergy who travel to Oslo for the occasion. In addition, St. Michael's Orthodox Church is a small Greek community in Bergen with 98 members, .[4]

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