Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission

Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission (SBRM),[1] founded in 1878, is the third oldest running rescue mission in the United States. As the largest emergency homeless shelter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it provides housing for hundreds of people each night.[2] Three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are provided for approximately 600 people on every day of the year.[3] Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission is part of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions.[4]


The Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission was founded in 1878 to provide breakfast and Christian influence on Sunday mornings before church. This organization began with the support of businessmen, such as John Wanamaker of Wanamaker’s Department Store, John B. Stetson of Stetson Hats, William M. Shoemaker, W. Atlee Burpee of Burpee Seeds, and former Governor James Pollock.[5]


Emergency Shelter

Every night, Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission houses 180 men in a large emergency shelter. Men can reserve a bed for up to thirty days at which point they are encouraged to join the Overcomer Program. During the winter months, if there are more than 180 men wishing to sleep at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission then overflow cots will be provided for anything who wishes to stay the night.[6]

Overcomer Program

Men are encouraged to join the year-long Overcomer Program which concentrates on addiction recovery, discipleship, GED classes, community building, resume writing, and life skills training. All graduates have a full-time job and have begun to live life independently.[7]

Back on My Feet

Back on My Feet started at 5 A.M. in late June 2007 at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission. Every morning, founder and avid runner Anne Mahlum ran with a group of nine homeless individuals ages 28–57, who were hoping to move their lives forward both physically and spiritually through running.[8]

Grow Food Where You Live

Fresh fruits and vegetables are grown in an on-site urban garden called the Sunday Breakfast Farm. The Farm promotes a healthier and cost efficient lifestyle through a class and apprenticeship. The project was a collaboration with the Asian Arts Initiative.[9]

All Night Safe Haven Initiative

During the winter, Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission is open 24/7 so as to keep members of the homeless population out of the life-threatening cold.[10]


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Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission

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