Turks in Mexico

Turks in Mexico
Reloj de la comunidad otomana de México.jpg
Reloj otomano, a gift from the Ottoman community in Mexico to commemorate the centennial of Mexican Independence
Total population
355 Turkey-born residents (2015)[1]
Unknown number of Mexicans of Turkish descent
Regions with significant populations
Mexico City
Mexican Spanish, Turkish
Islam[2] and Judaism[3]
Related ethnic groups
Turkish diaspora

Turks in Mexico (Turkish: Meksika Türkleri, Spanish: mexicanos turcos) comprise Turkish people living in Mexico and their Mexican-born descendants. The Turkish community is largely made up of immigrants, or the descendants of immigrants, born in the Ottoman Empire before 1923, in the Republic of Turkey since then, or in neighbouring countries once part of the Ottoman Empire that still have some Turkish population.


According to census records, "Turks" have been present in Mexico since at least 1895 (453 individuals were counted).[4] However, almost none of the immigrants from the Ottoman Empire that identified as "Turks" with Mexican immigration officials were ethnically Turkish. Instead being primarily Lebanese, Syrians and Jews.


  • Casa Turca Ciudad de México (2003) and Casa Turca Guadalajara (2015)

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Turks In Mexico

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