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Distribute your Press Release to more than 100,000++ active Journalists and websites...

Professional Press Release Distribution For Your Business

Reach Of More than 100,000 Journalists! has been exploring the internet for news and media outlets to widen its reach for press release distribution. is currently a partnered with large press release distribution networks which also are an exclusive partner of PRNewswire.

Our partners and distribution outlets do have their own distribution network databases. Thus, giving us the advantage of delivering quality yet reasonable priced press release distribution.

And is still in search for more partnership with other PR firms for wider distribution reach.

This link (news outlets) will show you where your press release will be distributed.

Alternative Ways to Distribute Press Releases?

Yes! There is another way to distribute your Press Release at

You can distribute your Press Releases with us through another channel called The Press Release Email Groups.

We will send out your releases to more than 36,000+ subscribers of email groups created for press release distribution.

How to Send to Press Release Email Groups?

You need to have Distribution Credits and then just submit your press release normally and check the distribute to email groups checkbox option as displayed in the submit press release form.

Informative Distribution Reports Availability

When you opt to distribute your press release with us it automatically means we are required to send out reports after distribution. And YES this is actually what we will do... We will send out reports for you to verify distribution and we assure you those reports are complete from our partners and our distribution system. Giving you the advantage of against a blind distributor competition.

Reports are sent 3 to 7 business days after distribution.

How It Works?

After submitting your press release at Your press release will be queued for review. If your press release is opt for distribution, we will MANUALLY (by hand) submit your press release to our network partners and outlets.

Included Words400400500600800
Industry Targets1233
Minimum guaranteed number of media websites on which your release is posted75100100
PR Newswire DistributionYESYESYESYESYES
WireWatch™ Proof of Distribution ReportYESYESYESYESYES
Guaranteed Inclusion on Associated Press (AP) NewswireYESYESYESYESYES
National distribution to subscribing journalistsYESYESYESYES