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5 Facts About Alcohol Abuse and Sex

Author: Kitt Wakeley

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

Drinking alcohol to kick back and have fun is seen as a universal social activity around the globe In moderation, alcohol can even be beneficial to your health However, there’s only so much fun you can have while drinking sensibly; one drink too many and you’re opening doors to alcohol intoxication which can lead to severe problems such as sexual abuse...

The Benefits of Using Glass For Your Tea Sets

Author: Vikram KR

Category: Food and Drinks

Tea drinking has been one of the most popular types of entertainment that is still prevalent in the modern world Dating back as far as to 2737 BC, tea drinking has developed to become a social custom and a socially acceptable way to meet new people in countries like China and Britain In other South Asian countries like India, tea is a very popular beverage that is brewed in homes almost every day and is brewed in a number of different ways...

Filtered Water Bottles Let You Take Pure Water With You Wherever You Go

Author: Alexander Pearce

Category: Home Management

When you're at the workplace, or out in the neighborhood, you never recognize what contaminants are in the drinking water that is accessible However, when you're parched you're parched and water truly is the best drink around It is important however to be watchful of the kind of water we drink at each pint in time, not all water are actually healthy...

Stop Evening Drinking Habits

Author: Gemma Bailey

Category: Self Help

Defining addiction can be a tricky business After all, we all have addictions that we allow to go unnoticed Plenty of people are addicted to coffee, falling in love, sugar and other random things that we have just accepted as part of life...

Reduce the Risk of Stroke, Make Changes For Better Health

Author: Michelle Stewart

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

May is National Stroke Awareness Month and the goal of the month's activities is to reduce the impact and the incidence of strokes According to the National Institutes of Health, each year more than 700,000 Americans have strokes The incidence of this health risk affects finances, relationships, mental health and community support resources...

An article by an Premium Author DETOXING And The FLUORIDE ALERT!

Author: Kolle Baca

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

1 Is Fluoride A NutrientDoesn’t the term “fluoride” sound like something you would find on the periodic table of elements...

Not So Sweet: How Soft Drinks Damage Your Teeth

Author: Nicholas Papageorgiou

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

Most of us are well aware that sugary soft drinks, including sports drinks, should be consumed sparingly if at all, thanks in part to dietary guidelines set by the US Department of Agriculture Yet 50% of Americans consume soft drinks on any given day according to a Harvard study Learn the facts about consuming sugary beverages, and tips to avoid dental problems caused by drinking them...

Addicted to Alcohol, But I’m Not an Alcoholic

Author: Gemma Bailey

Category: Self Help

Defining addiction can be a tricky business After all, we all have addictions that we allow to go unnoticed Plenty of people are addicted to coffee, falling in love, sugar and other random things that we have just accepted as part of life...

Can Drinking Milk Be Harmful? Dairy Facts Revealed

Author: Cami Gunther

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

People always wonder about the health benefits and concerns with dairy In the past, there have been drastic trending weight-loss programs designed to exclude dairy products from daily diets, like the Paleo Diet Many people on the program lost weight, but in the long-run, their bones suffered...

The Usage of Decorative Barrels Will Rejoice Your Household

Author: Alex Mansfield

Category: Home Management

Outdoor use could account for as significantly as 40% of your month-to-month usage The perfect use for unfiltered, but soft distilled drinking water is for outdoors use on plants, gardens and washing your automobile So the reply is, as significantly as you can, but saving any total will assist you get by means of a drought, local h2o restrictions or electrical power outages and also the likelihood of scarce or a finish lack of mineral water...

Water Filters and Its Contribution to the Modern House

Author: Neha M Rastogi

Category: Home Management

Water is not just for staying hydrated during the winter seasons It is truly an important component to our overall health Our skin, our energy level and our organs health all depend on the amount of water we consume...

An article by an Premium Author The Healthy Benefits and Side Effects of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

Author: MohitJain

Category: Food and Drinks

It is well known about the health benefits of aloe Vera when applied externally, but did you know that there are also healthy benefits you can get from drinking aloe Vera juice If you have never drunk aloe Vera juice, you should know that it has a bitter taste, but to make it more drinkable you can add it to fruit or vegetable juice You should also never drink more that the recommended dose which is two to four ounces a day, although some say it is okay to drink up to eight ounces...

Do You Really Need to Stop Drinking Alcohol

Author: Santhoshkumar Murali

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

Do You Need To Stop Drinking AlcoholGetting a desire to stop consuming alcohol may in fact be the foremost and proper measure to falling by the wayside Quite simply, there is no one in the whole universe that may hinder prohibit you from performing what you discover irresistible performing Thus, profitable the combat with booze defines from inside you...

Identifying the Best Water Purifier in India 2014

Author: Neha M Rastogi

Category: Home Management

Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink This saying can rightly be used to describe the quality of water available today Wells, ponds, lakes, rivers none of them are spared from being contaminated...

H2o Softener Salt-- A Standard Helpful Guide to Salt H2o Softening

Author: Monserrate Mckeighan

Category: Home Management

Water softener salt is seriously a naturally sourced chemical that removes the ions which tends to make water hard Despite the fact that you can find other technologies, for example salt-free and magnetic water softeners, salt based water conditioning is effortlessly essentially the most effective approach to finding rid of the minerals that harden waterThe necessity of standard water softener sea salt gets rid of h2o solidifying minerals...

Is it Healthy to Drink Coffee Every Day?

Author: David Huggett

Category: Food and Drinks

Our consumption of coffee has been steadily growing over the last few decades and is showing no signs of slowing down High Street coffee chains are finding ever more innovative ways to keep our interest, and therefore, to keep drinking coffee more than ever beforeCountless articles have been written about the health benefits (or otherwise) of drinking coffee, so we thought we’d pull all this information together and see whether there really are good reasons to drink coffee on a daily basis...

How to Drop Body Weight Inside a 7 Days

Author: James Prude

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

How to lose fat inside 7 days is usually a query that typically pops in our intellect once we have a vital purpose to go to, and we want many of the compliments coming our way However each week isn't an excellent length to get rid of a substantial number of body weights, the following tips will provide you with some efficient ways to lose off a couple of kilosYou say you have got merely a week, meaning you don't have enough time and energy to fully renovate your system, but sure, you could definitely obtain the course of action commenced...

10 Health Benefits of Drinking Clean Fresh Water

Author: Ashu Kumar Mehta

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

It is known to all of us that pure water plays vital role in building sound and healthy body Water purifier plays dominant role in present scenario of environmental changes Following are some of health benefits that purified water serves to all of us...

Are You Paying Attention to What Your Skin Needs?

Author: Jonathan Tan

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

It's interesting how some of us scramble at the sight of a wrinkle or rage at the sudden presence of a pimple But then we fail to realize that there must be something we may not be doing right on a daily basis, until it compounds into a skin disaster If you want to keep these issues at bay, here are some things that you might want to put your attention to...

How Much Alcohol Should I Drink?

Author: Tora Cullip

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

Two important questions are addressed in this article: how much alcohol should I drink, and can you drink alcohol and lose weight So many people find drinking too much alcohol can be their downfall when it comes to weight loss, that it's important to understand the answers to these questionsOne of the things I often hear is 'do I have to give up drinking to get in control of my weight...

Hyperinflation Preparedness – Water Storage and Purification

Author: Tom Genot

Category: Home Management

Even more important for human survival then food, which is number two is fresh drinking water For your storage it is vital you have water enough to last for a while If you have a natural clean source of water nearby and can insure you have access to it that is great...

Water Filtration Systems

Author: Jay Canario

Category: Home Management

Folks need to have residence water filtration systems to get a range of causes Most talk about possessing cleaner drinking water, or water that tastes much better so they are able to drink it as an alternative to shopping for bottled water Others are trying to find water softeners, to eliminate many of the chemical substances and minerals in ground water that interact with soaps to make them much less effective, or that leave residue on your skin and dishes...

Drinking Games While Watching Movies

Author: Douglas Haltman

Category: Entertainment

Do you like drinking games Here is a great excuse to drink and watch movies at the same time; games that involve movie scenes, movie themes and catchphrases This is perfect when you have a drinking party at home but you must remember to have A LOT of alcohol or else the game stops completely...

Drinking Games Using Playing Cards

Author: Douglas Haltman

Category: Finances

It's fun to drink and even better when you play drinking games with friends There are many types of games to consider when you drink and one of the best games to play - in order to keep the booze going - is an old-fashioned game of cards There are a hundred drinking games using playing cards and surely there is a new and hilarious game created every day...

Fun Drinking Games Online

Author: Bryant Ehrman

Category: Internet

Tired of playing drinking games for real You can take drinking to a whole new level by playing online games When you search for drinking online games, you will be given hundreds upon hundreds of flash games online where you can enjoy a single player game or play with other online players...

Hangover Remedies and Quick Fixes

Author: Ming Liow

Category: Food and Drinks

Hangover RemediesPeople who enjoy drinking parties always have one problem to deal with - a hangover the next morning The hangover is an inevitable consequence of heavy drinking People often wake up with a pounding head, dryness in the mouth, nausea and fatigue after a heavy night's drinking...

Drinking Games Accessories

Author: Bryant Ehrman

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

College drinking games will never be fun without drinking accessories There is often a new popular drinking game to try out each term and when you want to find out the latest and hottest accessories to use, the best place to do so is online Here are the coolest drinking games accessories you need to have to make your frat or college party the best there is:1...

7 Simple, Easy and Natural Techniques to Banish Acne

Author: Gerald Tudora

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

Are you trying to find an acne treatment that actually works The nice thing is, whether you are a teenager or maybe an adult struggling with acne breakouts, it's not important to take it The following you can come across 7 quite easy and terrific methods to wipe out pimples...

Straightforward Grout Cleaning Ideas

Author: Tom Juffre

Category: Business

Whether it is the tile floors in the cooking area or lavatory, the grout amongst tiles will tend to get fairly dirty more than a interval of time With the appropriate expertise and the right cleaning remedy, you will get the grout hunting clean for at any time Information on grout cleaning is so important...

The Crystal Wine Glass: Six Features to Look For in the Perfect Wine Glass

Author: Kathy Hayes

Category: Food and Drinks

What a difference a glass makes If you are drinking wine at a college frat party or on an airplane the quality of your wine glass is not an issue However, when you expect an excellent experience both aesthetically and in taste, these six features of the perfect wine glass will be very important to you...

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