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Tuning the Summer Cottage

Author: Henrikalm Kalm

Category: Home Management

Going to our summer cottage is one of the must-to-do things in the summer It is actually a must-to-do also in the Christmas time, Easter and during other longer holidays The custom of going to the summer cottage is one that is deeply rooted in the Finnish culture...

Legal Aspects in Business Acquisitions in Finland

Author: Esa Wuorenpaa

Category: Legal

LEGAL ASPECTS IN BUSINESS ACQUISITIONS IN FINLAND Finland as the acquisition target country The process of acquiring a company is seen in many jurisdictions as something complicated and time-consuming This does not apply to the Nordic countries let alone to Finland We have a culture of transparency, openness and minimal form requirements...

Freight Services in Finland - Adapting to the Post-recession World

Author: Stephen Willis

Category: Business

The Finland freight services industry is adjusting to a new set of circumstances as the country begins to look beyond the global economic slowdown and plan its future activity In a speech in 2010, the governor of the Bank of Finland, Erkki Liikanen, said that slowdown in GDP in the Finnish economy had stopped contracting, but that GDP growth will be much slower in the immediate years ahead than it was before the financial crisis He predicted that Finnish exports would lag behind developments in the export markets and that private consumption would also be sluggish...

Nokia's Rise In The Mobile Industry

Author: Oliver Jones

Category: Computers and Technology

Nokia’s origins, astonishing as it may sound, lie in the paper, cable and rubber industries A Finnish Engineer by the name of Fredrik Idestam started a paper mill near the river Nokianvirta, in southern Finland and soon discovered success with the rising requirement for paper all through the industrial revolution Soon after, Finnish Rubber Works was set up in the same area, choosing Nokia as a brand name for many of its rubber products including footwear and tires...

Furniture Designs of Eero Aarnio

Author: Jessica Whittaker

Category: Home Management

They say that your life reflects your work, and this can never be truer with an esteemed and renowned designer like Eero Aarnio His life and times have reflected his work, thanks to his passion and his love for safe types of plastic All of his work has been made from friendly materials, and even though he has worked with traditional materials like steel and wood, he has been famous for using playful shapes and colours that are manufactured in plastic, including toys and children’s furniture...

Finnish Sauna the Original

Author: Thomas Oak

Category: Recreation

The traditional Finnish sauna is just a wooden hut, which is often heated The Finnish sauna has been around for many centuries but it is quite hard to trace its origins Most Finnish people are accustomed to having saunas and these also come in many varieties...

The Original Finnish Sauna

Author: Thomas Oak

Category: Home Management

The Finnish sauna is a neat outdoor sauna you might consider if you don’t have the space to have a sauna inside of your home It has a neat design and there are many reasons why you need the sauna outdoors The Finnish sauna has been around for centuries...

The Finns And Their Sauna

Author: Thomas Oak

Category: Home Management

When people talk about the Finnish Sauna, they usually mean the Finnish Sauna experience The Finnish Sauna begins with sitting in a very hot room, built just for such a purpose It does get very hot, with temperatures ranging from 175 degrees up to 212 degrees...

All About The Finnish Sauna

Author: Thomas Oak

Category: Home Management

Saunas first came into existence in Finland, around 2000 years ago The tradition of the sauna has continued to this day Currently, Finland has five million citizens, and more than two million saunas...

Finland Casinos

Author: Adel Awwad

Category: Recreation

Tucked into the beautiful Scandinavian landscape is the beautiful nation of Finland With its majestic natural beauty, wonderful culture, and carefree social style, Finland is a great place for tourists to go on their annual family vacation One of the best parts of Finland is its vibrant nightlife and great entertainment facilities, especially dance clubs, bars, and casinos...

Finnish Saunas

Author: Chad Milhouse

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

Saunas first originated in Finland, hundreds of years ago They are small dedicated rooms where steam baths are created by pouring water over hot rocks or heated elements This is believed to be good for the health and generally well being...

The Finns And Their Finnish Sauna

Author: Jake Plumer

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

In Finland, saunas have been a part of their culture for around a thousand years or more The Finnish sauna has been around for generations and is considered to be a necessity of these people, rather then the luxury that many other people consider saunas to be Not only do the Finns consider the sauna to be a great health benefit, but they also use their saunas a great way to relax and enjoy time with friends and family members...

All About Finnish Sauna Bathing – Learn The Proper Steps

Author: Kevin Urban

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

There is a lot of talk about detoxification and traditional Finnish sauna bathing Both infrared and steam saunas are becoming increasingly popular and it’s a good idea to learn how to use them properly Let’s see how the Finns take a sauna and learn from them...


Author: Nicolas Fogelholm

Category: Computers and Technology

I guess you haven´t heard of NokiaLand before The naming NokiaLand has to do with the worlds big-gest handset manufacturer Nokia and Finland, the country it comes from Nokia Nokia has not always been a world leader in cell phones, digital technologies, telecommunications networks, wireless data solutions and high tech gadgets like the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet...

Finnish Sauna Etiquette And Customs

Author: Julie-Ann Amos

Category: Etiquette

Finland is the sauna capital of the world, both because it was invented there and because it thrives as an integrated part of the Finnish lifestyle Finns think of the Finnish sauna in the same way that other cultures think of meditation, massage, bathing in hot springs or any other tradition of body and mind relaxation The sauna is practically the Finnish national pastime, and the per capita number of steam saunas in the nation is astounding to many visitors from other countries...

From Savu To Infrared – The History And Health Benefits Of Saunas

Author: C.J. Gustafson

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

The health benefits of saunas are not a recent discovery The use of steam or smoke baths to cleanse the body and reduce stress has been a part of religious, social, and family traditions in numerous cultures for thousands of years Native Americans, Russians, Romans, and Mediterranean cultures all had some sort of bathing facilities and rituals that played important roles in both private and public life in those communities...