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15 Printing Terms Every Designer Needs to Know

Author: Jess Guo

Category: Marketing

Confused by printing terms such as pigments, RIPs, and solvents Keep this jargon-busting glossary close by...

Cheap Printer Ink Easily Available on the Internet

Author: Gifford Vaughan

Category: Computers and Technology

There are various kinds of printers used these days These printers come in various styles and in various sizes Some of the most common types of printers are inkjets, photo printers and laser jets...

Want to Have the Finest Printouts?

Author: Gehr Kin

Category: Computers and Technology

Today, printers are commonly used at homes, offices; play schools, educational institutions etc It is so because one can get the printouts of important documents, photographs instantly without any delay Also, you can take out the printouts of your photographs that are just clicked...

Accessorize Your Greeting Cards With 5 Great Features

Author: Kaitlyn Miller

Category: Finances

Many people like flashy and of course very creative kinds of greeting cards This should also be your goal for your own custom greeting cards of course While that greeting card printer might help you with the basic designs, it is important that you add your own specific features to make your card printing a little bit more interesting...

Cheap Colour Printing - The Reasonably Priced and Also Best Means to Printing Your Own Business

Author: Dale Smarties

Category: Marketing

Buying online made it so simple which you not only can try each of the styles online but could purchase it on line also In this manner it's possible to help save considerable time because there isn't any have to stroll in one store to another one Webstore is among the first-class ways for locating cheap colour printing goods because of this you'll find vast number of cheap colour printing...

Get Ahead of Your Competitors in Label Printing and Marketing

Author: Janice Jenkins

Category: Marketing

Now, it is not uncommon for you to actually compete when it comes to labels In truth, before you actually send your designs to the label printer, you should be acutely aware that your labels should have the right stuff to outperform the competition in the market If you did not actually think about this though, then let me help you out...

Minutiae About Edible Inkjet Printer and Its Ink

Author: Chrish Brown

Category: Marriage

Edible inkjet ink a useful invention that is filed into the ink cartridges of edible printers The liquid is consumable and is available in black, cyan, yellow and magenta colors, the primary colors of image printer cartridges Edible printers, with these colored inks, generate image and text prints that can be eaten...

Exotic Options You Must Try in Online Printing

Author: Robert Johnston

Category: Business

Bored with some of the typical options you have in online printing Then maybe you need to ask for something new to your online printer Let me give you some exotic options in online printing that you should definitely try out to create a more impressive and noteworthy kind of color print...

What is the Difference Between an Original and Compatible Ink Cartridge?

Author: Dale Broadhead

Category: Computers and Technology

Buying an ink cartridge for your printer sounds like quite a simple task Type the printer model into your search engine, browse a few websites to find the best deal and make the purchase Surprisingly, this is wrong...

Canon PIXMA IX4000 Cartridge Review

Author: Normanqo Marshall

Category: Computers and Technology

The Canon PIXMA iX4000 provides a well put together set of features in terms of the paper it will handle as well as the speed of the output, though as we will observe it's actually not quite as fast as Canon make outThe iX4000 has 4800x1200dpi printing along with 2-picolitre (two billionth's of litre) droplet sizes, which means though it uses just four inks, the end result is exceptional for images, text as well as pictures The Canon FINE (Full-Photolithography Nozzle Engineering) used to produce very accurate nozzles for the ink droplets to pass through...

5 Criteria to Judging Sample Labels

Author: Janice Jenkins

Category: Marketing

Before you hire a label printing company, it is good first to look at their sample labels and see if those prints are indeed good enough for you Printing labels is of course no joke and you will want to spend your money on the best printing firm that will give you the best labels that you wantBelow is the standard criteria by which you should judge custom labels...

How to Save Money on Printer Ink Cartridges

Author: John Dicarlo

Category: Computers and Technology

It feels very painful when a person has to spend money on replacement of inkjet cartridges This is because it involves a lot of money in replacing and purchasing inkjet cartridges Read the article below to know the tips on saving money on refilling and replacement of ink cartridges and toners...

Wise Tips on Spending Money For Catalog Printing

Author: Kaye Marks

Category: Finances

In my experience, I have discovered that money will always be not enough in catalog printing You may have a lot of great plans during the catalog printing process However, there is not enough money to go around achieving your plans...

Enhancing the Look of Your Name in Business Card Printing

Author: Kaitlyn Miller

Category: Business

Your name is the most important thing in your business card It is of course the main purpose why you spend on business card printing, to give out your name as a contact That is why you should always take extra care with your name in business card printing...

Five Classy Ideas to Trendy Business Card Printing

Author: David Thomson Mathew

Category: Business

Are you having any plane to producing your own color business cards Before you will do that - first learn the ideas of trendy business card printing here In this modern hi-tech age of business, there are many more tricks & trendy hi-tech techniques that you must learn in business card printing...

What Designers Should Know When Printing Custom Notepads

Author: Kaye Marks

Category: Home Management

Before you start designing and printing custom notepads, let me first give you some important facts that should guide you in notepad printing As a designer, I have learned quite a lot of good professional practicesThese always assure me of great notepad printing and design...

How Exactly Does Screen Printing Work?

Author: Chris Arranaga

Category: Computers and Technology

Are you curious about how the screen printing process is performed If you are, you aren't the only one Screen printed tee clothing is among the most widely used promotional gift, so it is useful to find out what's involved so you can maximize marketing budgets...

Canon Printer Ink Solutions

Author: Kay Norman

Category: Computers and Technology

Canon has always been a leading name in the world of electronics All the products that are introduced are designed to suit the needs of people at home or at office Canon always assures the outstanding quality and using comfort...

Custom Foil Labels

Author: Joey Maldonado

Category: Business

Are you not the kind of person who likes something just because thatís the trend If you like to have something unique, which only represents you, then, you are definitely the person that will prefer the individualized custom foil labels for his products Foil labels can make your product stand out, literally speaking...

Glass Photo Printing Blends Art & Advertising

Author: Dominik Hussl

Category: Marketing

Glass photo printing has become a very popular way to artistically express and display those treasured mementos as well as for signage Since the birth of the photograph in the 19th century, artists and commercial photographers alike have been constantly searching for new bounds to push their works One way to place these stills of the ever-moving world around us into an entirely new realm of perception is by the process of glass photo printing...

Airbrushing For Fun and Profit

Author: Ray Gatica

Category: Arts and Crafts

Houston, TX: Airbrush artist Ray Gatica has been airbrushing for over thirty years When he started airbrushing back in the seventies in Phoenix, Arizona, back then before computers there was a lot of work and business for artist and airbrush artist For entrepreneur/artrepreneurs there was a lot of commercial signage, hand painted graphics work to go around and make a fun, decent living...

A Guide to Fountain Pens

Author: Carl Barton

Category: Business

What exactly is a fountain pen The dictionaries and encyclopaedias will state that a fountain pen is a pen with a nib which is fed ink from an internal reservoir The ink being drawn through a feed to the nib by a combination of capillary action and gravity...

6 Printing Tips in Corel Photo-Paint: Part 2

Author: Nathan Segal

Category: Computers and Technology

As mentioned in the previous article, printing in computer graphics can be difficult largely because there's a big difference between what you see on the screen and what appears on paper This week we continue with our printing tips, which work for the home printer or if you decide to take your job to a printing professional 1 Open Type Fonts Don't use cheap fonts...

Inkjet Printer Inks

Author: Leonard Tan

Category: Computers and Technology

Inkjet Printers are the most common type of printer, used by millions of computer users either at home or small offices across the world An inkjet printer offers many advantages because for one thing it is relatively inexpensive, but it produces high quality and finely detailed print output Compared to earlier printers, ink jets are much quieter in operation, and they are fairly easy to operate...

Learn How To Make Glowing Printer Ink

Author: Leonard Tan

Category: Computers and Technology

Are you interested in exploring some fascinating ways in which you can beautify your printed documents Are you fascinated with the idea of preparing your own glowing inkjet printer ink Unleash your creative instincts and explore the creativeness and imaginativeness in you for a more colorful output...

Beware of Counterfeit Printer Ink

Author: Leonard Tan

Category: Computers and Technology

Selling and manufacturing of cartridges is considered the fastest growing business in the market nowadays, as most of the people now use computers either at home or office Already used printer ink cartridges can be used for printer ink refilling or recycling them into their components Because of these need a lot of people manufacture printer inks that are fake and low quality...

Tips On How To Save Real Money In Buying A Compatible Ink Cartridge

Author: Simon West

Category: Computers and Technology

Purchasing a compatible ink cartridge can help you save money without compromising your printing quality Many people spend extra money in buying ink cartridges that are not suitable for their printer So it is necessary to examine and determine your printer first before buying an ink cartridge...

Information About Screen Printing Innovations

Author: Michael Jordan

Category: Business

Screen printing is considered as the most versatile of all printing processes as it can be done on wide variety of substrates of any shape, thickness and size The screen printing process is simple, and a wide variety of inks and dyes are available for use in screen printing than for use in any other printing process You can easily find the basic principles, technologies and working methodology of screen printing in a number of websites...

Some Custom Printing Options That You Can Use

Author: Carla San Gaspar

Category: Marketing

In this age of ever competitive marketing collateral, having personalized and unique materials is an advantage Having marketing materials that stands out and resembles your company identity perfectly is a great first step into building a successful business Because of this, you should consider several custom printing options that you can take advantage of...

All You Wanted to Know About Tattoo Inks

Author: Omar Reyes

Category: Advice

If you are like me I bet you have always wondered what is the deal with tattoo inks Let's take care of the major misconception right off the bat, most tattoo inks are not actually inks Most tattoo inks are composed of various pigments which are suspended in a solution...

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