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Israel – Finding the Perfect Holy Land Itinerary

Author: Chris Scott

Category: Travel

For centuries pilgrims from all over the earth have traveled to the Holy Land for spiritual growth and renewal Coral Travel & Tours, Ltd wants to encourage you on this journey of a lifetime...

No Suh Thing As "Once Saved, Always Saved"

Author: Ron Murray

Category: Religion

“If anyone does not abide in Me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered; and they gather them and throw them into the fire, and they are burned”-- John 15:6There is no such thing as “Once Saved, Always Saved (no matter what)", or,“Unconditional Eternal Security” That is a false teaching, a lie that the devil is spreading and deceiving people with into believing that they can have sin in their life and still make it to heaven...

Dramatically Increase Your Faith

Author: Matt Mitchell

Category: Religion

Faith is a must have, because without it we can’t please God(Hebrews 11:6) And since faith is of such importance to a Christian, I wanted to share how you can increase your faith in JesusFirst off I want to ask you a question...

Unsure Exactly Why People Celebrate Good Friday: Find Out Now

Author: Garry Eliszewski

Category: Religion

Good Friday has actually been referred to as the core of time, itself Good Friday is the day which Jesus was nailed to cross Easter is not actually about Easter bunnies and chocolates...

Precious Holy Land Gifts That is Worth the Buy

Author: Daizy Digital

Category: Marriage

Year after year, many people are slowly appreciating the Holy Land gifts not just because of its elegance but more especially because of its quality and price Holy Land gifts are worth every dollar we spent because not only that it comes from the Holy Land so we are assured of the blessings included, also because of the craft and artistry placed in each products There are many handmade Jerusalem gifts that are perfect for souvenirs and gifts especially during Easter...

Wonders of the Name of Jesus

Author: Sunday Joseph Adenuga

Category: Self Help

The Bible says, "that at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father" The name of Jesus is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and are saved There is power in the name of Jesus, there is victory in the name of Jesus, there is answer to prayers in the name of Jesus...


Author: C A Crawford, Jr

Category: Business

Good, I have your attentionNow what do I mean by being a “sellout”To achieve anything worthwhile in life, you must do 3 things:1...

Trip to Goa: A Tryst With Goa is a Joy Forever

Author: Sofia Jennie

Category: Travel

When one remembers Goa, the images of palm-fringed shores, turquoise sea, medieval-age cathedrals, fishing villages and old colonial buildings flash by A trip to Goa culminates ecstasy and wonderment since this captivating state in the south-west India is one that has been mesmerizing tourists from ages From the adrenaline-pumping beach sports to the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary- Goa packages have something to offer to everyone whether you are a sport junkie or a wildlife enthusiast...

Shopping for the Perfect Church

Author: Amy Sumner

Category: Religion

And they continued steadfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, in the busting of dough, and in prayers Acts 2:42We reside a time of success and flexibility, specifically in USA We got thus chosen with searching choices, these become our next type...

Very Few of the Clergy Will Make it to Heaven: They Have Too Much to Answer For

Author: Frank J Albas

Category: Religion

Catholic churches and schools are being closed down everywhere in the United States The Archdiocese of Miami alone (to which I belong) closed 14 churches in 2010 Many of you may be wondering why the churches are closing...

The Gift of the Divine Will -- God Wants to Live One Life With You to Make You Supremely Happy

Author: Frank J Albas

Category: Religion

Do you wish to live one life in common with God Do you wish to be supremely happy, to be constantly over brimming with joy and peace, to possess God as the Saints in Heaven do; to perform divine acts continuously rather than human ones Do you want to start living the life of Heaven right here on Earth...

The Christian Perception

Author: Delbert Nelson

Category: Religion

A number of a long time back, I wrote an report about the variations among Islam, and Christianity This write-up was based on the two faiths, 1 who believes that Jesus is the Son of God, and the other who believes that God has no need of a Son, and that Jesus was just a prophet from GodNowadays many that say they are Christians, have denied the faith, and have turned more than to a multi-religious view...

How Did Jesus Share the Gospel in Evangelism?

Author: Chris Sandford

Category: Religion

In John chapter 4:7-26, we see an example of how Jesus talked with people about the gospel Lets look at the four main points that summaries how Jesus took the Woman at the well through the gospelFirst of all Jesus starts in the natural realmWhen you want to witness to people and bring up eternal matters, it can be good to start on natural things...

Looking at the Q Source to Look for the Historical Jesus

Author: Amy Mccance

Category: Religion

When we look at the gospels of Matthew and Luke the parallels are abundantly clear That is because Matthew and Luke drew upon Mark for most of their gospels Matthew’s gospel contains ninety percent of Mark’s work...

I Want to be Free

Author: Linda Dipman

Category: Religion

Tori was very sick Her cardiologist said that her heart was dangerously enlarged and that her stress level was so high that she could die suddenly and there was nothing he could do to stop it We had been friends for over five years...

Eye Of The Needle, Or, The Shocking Spiritual Truth About Money

Author: Dr. Joe Vitale

Category: Finances

Warning: The following may be controversial and confrontational I’m doing my best to help you prosper during perceived tough times I’m getting “in your face” so you can shake off limiting beliefs, drop the excuses, and begin to help yourself and others...

Called to Fight, Not to Win (A Sermon on Mark 6:1-6) - Part 1

Author: David B Smith

Category: Religion

He left that place and came to his hometown, and his disciples followed him On the Sabbath he began to teach in the synagogue, and many who heard him were astounded They said, "Where did this man get all this...

Called to Fight, Not to Win (A Sermon on Mark 6:1-6) - Part 2

Author: David B Smith

Category: Religion

Dr Broughton Knox, my old friend and teacher, used to say that most Christians he knew were ‘docetic' – they believed in the divinity of Christ, but did not really believe that Jesus was fully human The picture we get of Jesus in Mark 6 is of a very human Jesus...

Welcome to the Ballarat Potters House Christian Church

Author: Amit123xz Sinha

Category: Religion

Welcome to the Ballarat Potters House Christian Church website My name is Ben Shelton I have the honor of being the Pastor of this church, which first opened its doors in Ballarat in 1986...

Jesus Christ, Male and God?Who Genuinely Was He?What Does the Phrase of God Train?Portion 1

Author: Sukey Fiann

Category: Religion

Having just been performing a by way of study on John Chapter 17 and transferring on into Chapter eighteen, when I study on into Chapter 19, verse 5 attracted my attention in a specific wayThe prayer is through and the ache, agony and anguish, deepens and raises We could use so many phrases...

Conflicting Genelogies. How Come?

Author: Mark Gibbs

Category: Religion

 An Old Testament tradition underpinning the notion of a "chosen" people, ancestral genealogies were mandatory in ancient Israel to prove "purity" of blood descent Since ancient Israel was arguably the world's most patriarchal society, Israelite genealogies were strictly paternal As the lawyers of their day, responsible for compiling genealogies, Jewish scribes were notoriously creative...

How to Pray - Learn to Add a Simple Phrase to All Your Prayers to Amplify Their Impact

Author: Eric Kruep

Category: Writing

While praying eloquently can be described as s skill which takes plenty of time and energy to develop, there is a particular expression you can add quickly to all of your prayers to boost their powerI have a confession to make For a long time, I did not feel like I knew the right way to pray well...

Christian Jewelry - Why You Should Be Wearing Silver Crosses

Author: Rauluo Middleton

Category: Finances

Manually carved wooden crosses are an point that you might see around some of your supporters houses or even in your own, but you might not bring in just how adorable of a ornamental point a helping hand carved wooden cross is I know that for my home I love having my own hand carved wooden crosses inside of it so I can look at the beauty and I thought I would share the reasons why I love having them as a ornamental detail in my home Olive wood crosses are a capital video display point that you can have in your home for a wide variety of reasons...

James McClow James McClow

Author: Orvillehb Bryant

Category: Religion

At the time crucifixion was the "worst" death Only the worst criminals were condemned to be crucified Yet it was even bore dreadful for Jesus, unlike other criminals condemned to death by crucifixion Jesus was to be nailed to the cross by His hands and feet...

The Process of Birth in Spiritual Development

Author: Jose Bulao

Category: Marketing

We now come to a crucial stage in spiritual development: the birth of God's spirit in us This is crucial because without this stage we cannot say that spiritual development has practically begun Everything before this has been a preparation for the birth of the spirit in us...

Did Jesus Teach Males How to Avoid Premature Ejaculation For Superior? His Astounding PE Top Secret!

Author: Roccokb Calderon

Category: Religion

That brings me to the subject of the day: Jesus There is a tale about him becoming in a boat in the Bible A quick description would go like this...

Know a Lot More About Adore Quotes For Him on Valentine's Day

Author: Roderickpb Peters

Category: Religion

Tolle: "Jesus on the cross stated it all when He says, 'Forgive them for they know not what they do' Which indicates they are unconscious So when you know that you by natural means forgive...

Salvation Bracelets A Good Evangelism Instrument To Share The Word

Author: Bince Olear

Category: Religion

Salvation Bracelets A Good Evangelism InstrumentSalvation bracelet is known to be Christian bracelet which is used just as one evangelism tool This straightforward yet resourceful instrument has been initially made from wordless book It's consists of 5 various colors; black, red, white, yellow, and green...

The Power of Jesus

Author: Homero Santos

Category: Home Management

I admire Jesus; He is the most famous man ever Everybody's heard about Jesus, and whenever we see a cross somewhere, we immediately associate it with the humility and love that Christ has for humanity I don't doubt that maybe somewhere in other countries, somebody doesn't know who Jesus is...

Express Your Conviction by Wearing Christian T-shirts

Author: Karen Williams

Category: Religion

What makes human persons different from animals First is our rationality We have the most superior way of thinking for we do not act merely by instincts; we act by reasons...

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