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The Lemonade Stand

Author: Adam Fish

Category: Business

One of the best ways to learn about finance is to start with a real-world story that everyone can relate to — a story that even kids can understand The most iconic — if not most enjoyable — business enterprises of childhood is the lemonade stand Setting up a table and serving a few drinks to neighbors on a hot afternoon over summer vacation may seem like a simple, spontaneous venture, but it can also illustrate many fundamental concepts of finance...

Legal Aspects in Business Acquisitions in Finland

Author: Esa Wuorenpaa

Category: Legal

LEGAL ASPECTS IN BUSINESS ACQUISITIONS IN FINLAND Finland as the acquisition target country The process of acquiring a company is seen in many jurisdictions as something complicated and time-consuming This does not apply to the Nordic countries let alone to Finland We have a culture of transparency, openness and minimal form requirements...

Debt Solutions - Don't Be Afraid To Settle

Author: Andrew Allen

Category: Finances

Do you have a plan Do you know what to do about your credit card debt Do you even know how much credit card debt you have...

Revealed! The Importance of Setting Your Tax Adjusting Withholding Allowance Correctly

Author: Seomul Evans

Category: Finances

Most people in the Unites States make their tax payments at source through payroll withholding The process is fairly simple and makes life easy for an employed tax payer; a part of your paycheck is deducted by the government which is then used as credit towards your annual tax liabilities The service is automated which saves a lot of time for the tax payer; however, the automation may even give rise to some issues...

Managing Working Capital

Author: James Leong

Category: Finances

Make or Break Managing working capital is a critical component of financial management It can make or break a company Inadequate working capital can put a company in jeopardy rather quickly due to liquidity problems...

Cancellation of Debt and the Insolvency Exclusion

Author: Paul B. Sundin, CPA

Category: Finances

The general rule regarding cancellation of debt is that it is a taxable event But there are some exceptions The most common exceptions involve bankruptcy, the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act (the “Act”), the insolvency provision, and certain farm and other business indebtedness...

Landscape Design For Difficult Spaces

Author: Jeff Halper

Category: Gardening

Many clients find themselves in a difficult position trying to integrate a remodeled home with new elevations, entrances and windows that no longer have a good relationship with the existing landscape design A new home on a cleared lot that has no landscape design can be even more overwhelming with endless possibilities and viewpoints from which to consider a new garden, pool, arbors, pathways and landscaping A good landscape designer can bring fresh eyes and new possibilities to difficult spaces...

Financial Control Using Single Entry Bookkeeping System

Author: Terry Cartwright

Category: Business Management

Double entry bookkeeping is an accounting technique to record the financial transactions of a business where every transaction is entered twice, equal and opposite transactions Double entry is required for all businesses that must produce both a profit and loss account and a balance sheet All limited companies are required to produce a statement of assets and liabilities and maintain a system of financial control and invariably need to adopt a system of double entry bookkeeping usually using an accounting software package...

Beyond Taxes – How Your Balance Sheet Statement Can Help You Run Your Business

Author: Linda Dawson

Category: Finances

The Profit & Loss Statement describes you how your business is performing at that particular time and the Balance Sheet is the statement that tells you about the long-term health and strength of your business The Balance Sheet shows whether you can meet your obligation as they come due, how much you are indebted to others and your prospects for staying in business Assets = Liabilities + Equity...

Beyond Taxes – How Your Cash Flow Statement Can Help You Run Your Business

Author: Linda Dawson

Category: Finances

The Cash Flow Statement is made up of three sections The first section is operating activities Operating activities include your company’s profit or loss and non-cash items that affect your profit without affecting cash...

Life Insurance Toronto | Choosing The Correct Life Insurance Policy For You

Author: Angela Dalton

Category: Finances

The word insurance is confusing for many Just by thinking about insurance brings about many thoughts such as lots of policies, quotes, brokers and so on It is really a daunting task even to attempt to purchase one life insurance which satisfies all your requirements, especially when all the brokers and entire websites have many options...

Simple Business Bookkeeping Ideas

Author: Naz Daud

Category: Business

Running a business that complies with the law and common business sense requires the setup and maintenance of some form of accounting system For any accounting system to succeed, it is vital that some method of keeping account of the financial comings and goings be established, and that records are kept somehow to present a true accounting picture for tax purposes For the small business owner, this is undoubtedly a burden, but it’s important nonetheless to establish an efficient accounting procedure from the start in any business...

Basic Accounting Primer

Author: Edward Singleton

Category: Business Management

Accounting is the system a company uses to measure its financial performance Some even call it a separate language you can use to communicate and understand all financial operations of any given business Transactions are recorded and classified into categories such as sales, purchases, assets and liabilities...

Could Debt Consolidation Loans Really Be An Answer To A Debt Free Society?

Author: Alan Lim

Category: Finances

In today’s age of rising costs, default rates and delinquencies, debts have risen to an all time high In such a scenario borrowers with existing liabilities can turn to a debt consolidation loan for support Not only does a debt consolidation loan provide a lower interest rate, it also helps to consolidate debts under one umbrella...

What Is The Effect Of An Overdraft On The Balance Sheet?

Author: Carol Baskir

Category: Business Management

There are two key aspects to consider in a business balance sheet, how efficiently it is funded ("Funding") and how efficiently it is operated ("Operations”) Both are important but separate parts of a business; the bank overdraft is part of funding Changes to funding arrangements do not impact on operating performance...

What You Need To Know About Surety Bonds

Author: IPRWire Staff Writer

Category: Business

The main type of bonds on the market today are known as surety bonds These bonds are required by anyone who administers public or private funds, or for individuals or businesses that require licenses or permits in order to operate in their trade, profession, or business This includes a long list of licensed trades people, agents, and others who are in a regulated profession or business...

Tax Traps To Avoid When Incorporating A Business

Author: Stephen Nelson

Category: Business

As a general rule, you can incorporate your business with no tax cost as long as you contribute all of your business’s assets and liabilities to a corporation you control A sole proprietor who incorporates his or her business, therefore, should be able to incorporate tax-free So should a partnership...

Planning Starts With The Basics

Author: Jonathan Citrin

Category: Finances

When developing a plan for your finances, the toughest question often is: “Where do I begin” Before investing in stocks and bonds or buying life insurance, before implementing any change or making any decisions, you first need to analyze and understand your entire financial picture Two documents allow you to do just that...