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Choose the Best God Rakhi For Your Brother

Author: Devendar Agarwal

Category: Computers and Technology

Rakhis have many precious emotions associated with them Raksha Bandhan is not just a ritual, rather it is a strong and powerful culture The moment when Rakhis are tied to the brothers is very special...

Lesser Known Facts About Kanwar Yatra

Author: Devendar Agarwal

Category: Religion

Facts about Kanwar YatraSawan is here Sawan is synonymous with Lord Shiva and his worshippers, also known as Kanwariyas, they travel to places like Haridwar, Allahabad, Gaumukh, and Gangotri in Uttarakhan and Sultanganj in Bihar to get Gangajal, ie...

Heaven’s Route to Finding Purpose in Life

Author: Jimi Akanbi

Category: Self Help

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Almost every human on the earth does not grasp that he or she has a unique God-given purpose in life given to them while in their mother’s womb, including believers Hence the convenient action they exercise is to either get a university education, or copy what profession a successful friend is doing in life or both It follows suit that if you are unaware that I gave you a gift, you are unlikely to unwrap it and start using it...

Star Lord Jacket

Author: Chris Jony

Category: Travel

It is the occupation of a commercial to make its item offer If so, it is just common that they are going to introduce their items in a praiseworthy light Same is the situation with Star Lord Jacket...

Manali Supreme Region For Adventure Sports You Enjoy it by Volvo Packages From Delhi

Author: Annya Kumar

Category: Travel

Kullu as well as Manali in Himachal Pradesh are the highly extensively visited traveller regions in Kullu Manali vacation packages by Volvo These tourist destinations, collected by means of picturesque regions offer an unusual vision for travellers Manali, positioned in the centre of Kullu Valley at a height of 1950 m on top of sea level is a wonderful region for taking pleasure in leisure actions such as skiing, trekking in addition to hiking...

Wonders of the Name of Jesus

Author: Sunday Joseph Adenuga

Category: Self Help

The Bible says, "that at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father" The name of Jesus is a strong tower, the righteous run into it and are saved There is power in the name of Jesus, there is victory in the name of Jesus, there is answer to prayers in the name of Jesus...

Being a Praise and Worship Leader is One Thing I Love!

Author: Darin Bro

Category: Leadership

I love being a praise and worship leader I love the calling, I love seeing the congregation lost in worship and I even love the preparation, practice and set up Being a praise and worship leader is an integral part of my life, whether or not I'm energetic in leading, touring to new audiences, recording or just sitting round strumming a guitar in my cell group...

Taking Care of God's Gift Before Birth

Author: Steve Wukmer

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

In another article you learned that “Babies are a Gift of God”, as stated in Psalm 127:3 “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward” How should parents take care of this Gift from God before the child is born This article will look at three areas on how to take care of God's gift before birth...

The Most Offensive Company I've Seen as a Christian

Author: Steve Butler

Category: Business

Before I found the Lord in 2007, I was clearly unaware of the numerous subcultures that exist in direct opposition and blatant offence of the faith I hold so dear Being out of the Christian community also seemed to shelter me from the other extreme since I did not travel in these circles However, I am compelled by the Spirit to highlight the moral degradation of society in hopes of compelling my brothers and sisters to moral and righteous action for the preservation of the standards that can only lead to a better society for all...

Do we Have to go to Church to go to Heaven ?

Author: Robert Benjamin

Category: Religion

Besides asking whether a Christian needs to be baptized, the other question that seems to be asked more and more is, do we need to go to church I think the reason why this question is coming up more and more, is our present condition in the country, and that is because less people are attending Church than ever beforeA lot of people do attend Church regularly, and there are many reasons why they do so, including:1...

Chardham and the Upliftment of Spirituality in Life of Pilgrim

Author: Smriti Garg

Category: Travel

The char dham yatra is famous for the Hindu pilgrims and even people of other faiths have a great respect for this kind of pilgrimage In this type of yatra, one can cover the four principal spots in the northern belt and these are Kedarnath, Badrinath, Yamunotri and Gangotri The sanctity of such kind of yatra is really breathtaking and it is believed that the person is relieved of sins of the previous births and this birth also if he performs the yatra with a zeal, faith and passion...

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan and Send Online Rakhi Gifts to India

Author: Julia David Ahmedabad

Category: Religion

In Hinduism, most of the traditions followed for thousands of years to this date stem from examples from the lives of the two avatars of Lord Vishnu the Preserver, namely Sri Rama and Lord Krishna Vishnu is part of the Holy Trinity of Hinduism comprising Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the Preserver and Shiva the Destroyer who creates conditions for the uprooting of an evil order and for the cosmic cycle of eternal creation, preservation, growth, learning and finally destruction to happen so that a new cycle of new creation, new life and new consciousness can evolveIn Ancient India, there were two incarnations of Lord Vishnu separated by many years when the Gods, unable to see the prevalence of evil and adharma, beseeched Vishnu to incarnate Himself to stamp out evil and set an example for future generations of human beings to follow...

Trouble-Free Programs For Lord of Rings Across the USA

Author: Willy Philibert

Category: Business

As the film progresses, we get glimpses into Kevin This leads to some very poor movies getting made that benefit no one from the movie houses involved, the actors involved in the film and it certainly adds no benefit to the much loved comic character that has been portrayed in the film Frodo's mission succeeds not because he is courageous and loyal, but because he shows pity on Gollum...

Tirupati Darshan: An Event of Great Spiritual Significance

Author: Sofia Jennie

Category: Travel

Tirupati is a town of huge religious impotence An earthy adobe of lord Vishnu, Tirupati is known as ‘Vaikuntham on Earth’ Read this article to know myths and spiritual significance behind the temple...

God Calls From Kullu

Author: IXiGO Trip Planner

Category: Travel

Almost everyone recalls a trip to Kullu with great fondness long after the vacation is over Blessed with some of the best of nature’s bounty and packed with a plethora of delightful religious attractions, the destination slowly grows upon the senses and finally overwhelms you Furthermore, with its close proximity to some of the most well known tourist hot spots in India such as Dharamsala and Manali, Kullu remains a natural destination of choice for countless travellers...

Rishikesh- The Land With Magnificent Natural Beauty

Author: Neeta Rawat

Category: Real Estate

When you’re planning to visit anywhere without exploring any other destination then choose Uttarakhand because the land has a lot to offered a real picture queues of nature as well as thrill; the tour beyond your imagination If you want to feel a real beauty and adventure serene then why do not go to Rishikesh This place gives you a real nature visit, verdant feeling, lush greenery queues of forest, calm air with thundering Ganga water and last but not least the sight of God...

Tirupati Darshan: 3 Temples in Tirupati You Must Visit

Author: Sofia Jennie

Category: Travel

Tirupati has long been a famous pilgrim town and attracts people from everywhere for a reverent Tirupati darshan The emergence of all classes of Tirupati hotels and the easy facility of Tirupati online booking has further propelled the tourism industry here In this article, we shall talk about some famous Tirupati temples & attractions...

The Guru of His Own Father - Lord Senthilandavar

Author: Subramanya Swamy

Category: Home Management

The name Murugan is derived from the word “Murugu” meaning honey, beauty, fragrance and eternal youth As the name indicates Murugan, God of love, beauty and power has been extending his charms on millions of people The charm that originates from Lord Murugan unites all the people from different caste and class...

A Must Trip to Explore the Indian Culture

Author: Vaibhav Tourism

Category: Travel

Rajasthan is the largest state of India, located in Northern west region; includes a division of Thar Desert Royal Rajasthan Tour is well known for its beautiful culture of classical dance andfolk music, delicious food, Colorful handmade art and crafts andreligious festival The economy of Rajasthan is based on agriculture and pastoral...

Vastu Shastra For Home: Bring Positive Energy

Author: Gupta Sanjay

Category: Home Management

Many people have Trust & Beliefs on Vastu Shastra, which has been considered as a Vedas study of architecture It is an olden Hindu method of design based on direction alignment Its application is varied...

God Shiva is the Almighty for the Destruction

Author: Sammiepk Jackson

Category: Travel

In addition, Shiva has an insignia of a moon on his head which is why he was also identified as the "one particular crowned by the moon" mainly because of that thin moon on his head, with a stream of drinking water flowing from the moon Hindus popularly call this insignia at his head as the GangaApart from the hands and insignia, the Lord Shiva has a third eye, which appeared immediately after Parvati playfully covered his eyes and the universe quickly succumbed to darkness and chaos...

Summit of Five Kage Maybe Constructive For Danzo

Author: Galina Privara

Category: Religion

Lord Raikage continues stating that rogue ninjas make up Akatsuki and he accuses Leaf represented by Gaara to previously use Akatsuki in ninja wars Lord Tsuchikage proclaimed that Jinchuriki and Tailed Beast need to mature collectively and adapt one another Vengeance can make you go mad he says...

The Life in Jannah (The Paradise)

Author: John B. Smith

Category: Religion

Allah Ta’ala has made this world for our test, He has set this word as an examination hall and every one of us has to pass the test in order to Jannah (The Paradise) Allah Ta’ala states in Quran: “He Who created Death and Life, that He may try which of you is best in deed: and He is the Exalted in Might, Oft-Forgiving”...

Panchmukhi Hanuman Kavach by Teleone

Author: Teleone Team

Category: Travel

Panchmukhi Hanuman KavachAre you•A Manglik...

Alien Girl Movie 2010 Online Free Review

Author: Huopa Lila

Category: Business

The crew is awakened from "hyper" sleep (better than super sleep but not as good as ultra sleep), a form of suspended animation Conversation makes it clear that they think they've arrived home, that being the usual reason for the computer to wake them up Not until they get up to the control room and start looking around do they realize they're nowhere near Earth...

Effective Money Management in the Home (Family Success)

Author: Egbe Enabulele

Category: Finances

I welcome you to this glorious month in the name of Jesus This month shall be a month of delivery of all your expectation in Jesus' name This month, I shall be dwelling on the theme: Effective Money Management In the Home...

The Search For God

Author: Robertoqg Hutchinson

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

This is a Solutionism Network articleAll of us wonder and think many times whether God exists and whether has any one seen Him No single person has explicitly confessed, to my knowledge that he has seen the God and he has a specific appearance, shape and figure etc...

The Cleft of the Rock Brings Forth the Glory

Author: Ann Stewart

Category: Entertainment

Sitting on a rock at the little pebble beach near my home, I was enjoying the family of ducks sunning themselves about thirty feet from me A gaggle of geese honked overhead as they practiced for their impending long flight southThe Lord has had me captive at His feet for close to a year, sharing so much more about Himself than I ever knew in the thirty years that I have walked with Him...

All Work and No Play Makes For a Very Long Day

Author: Hclothing Hclothing

Category: Religion

If you think you have it rough getting up at 7:00 AM to start your work day, count your blessings Be glad that you were not a peasant during Medieval Times, whose work day could start as early as 3:00 AM, or at least at dawn (between 5:00 AM and 6:00 AM) After a breakfast of pottage (stew or soup), a peasant would spend the duration of the day laboring in the field...


Author: Nan Laclair

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

Knock down infirmities Beloved, it is very important for you to know that God is ever willing to do us good Ever before Christ came, the laws and the prophet were in place to guide us so that we would not fall into the hand on the adversary, the devil, the prince of this world, the author of sickness and curses...

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