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Get Uber Cool T-shirts From King Kanine, Twin With Your Pooch, And Rock the Look

Author: King Kanine

Category: Pets

Australia is ready to hit the beach The season of holidaying, spending frequent evenings with family and friends at the beach is here No, we have not and never will forget to mention your fur babies for two reasons, one is that we love dogs immensely and second is they are the source of our livelihood...

Interesting Facts About Tibet

Author: Bate Basanta

Category: Travel

Tibet may be a region on the Tibetan highland in Asia, having a mean elevation travel between 14, 000 linear unit to 16,000 ft UNESCO considers it to be an area of Central Asia, there are unit several organizations that regard it to be an area of South Asia Tibetans have a definite culture and faith that sets them aside from the remainder of the planet...

Bullmastiff Dog Breed

Author: Kelly Marshall

Category: Pets

Many people mistake the Bullmastiff as one of Britain’s oldest dog breeds That is simply not the case; it is actually the Mastiff that is the oldest breed The Bullmastiff, however, is a fairly new dog breed that has recently been created...

Secrets to Caring For a Mastif

Author: Janine Carter

Category: Pets

If you are reading this article, then Mastiffs at least get your curiosity going As you are doing your research, you may be asking yourself if you are really ready for a Mastiff Mastiff's, while loving and loyal, pose some unique challenges for the first time owners...

An article by an Expert Author How To Picture The Brazilian Mastiff

Author: Sam Daniels

Category: Pets

Some people have said that the Brazilian Mastiff is similar to a cross between a Bloodhound and a Mastiff And, that might actually give you a good mental picture of what the Brazilian Mastiff is like This breed of Mastiff is also known as the Fila Brasileiro...

An article by an Expert Author The Keys To Finding The Right Mastiff Kennels

Author: Sam Daniels

Category: Pets

No matter what breed of dog you own, you want to make sure that your pet is well taken care of when you have to leave them behind and go out of town But if you own a Mastiff, your concerns are even more specific You want to be sure that those who run the kennel you choose know how to handle Mastiff dogs...

An article by an Expert Author How To Find Mastiff Puppies

Author: Sam Daniels

Category: Pets

So, you've fallen in love with the Mastiff breed, and you've decided to begin your search for the perfect Mastiff puppy for you Where do you start You can begin your search locally...

An article by an Expert Author Unique Characteristics Of The American Mastiff

Author: Sam Daniels

Category: Pets

The American Mastiff is a very unique dog, and well beloved by their owners They have some very distinct characteristics and traits Mastiffs are very powerful, massive dogs, and one of the largest dog breeds...

An article by an Expert Author Profiling The Mastiff Dog

Author: Sam Daniels

Category: Pets

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The Mastiff dog, sometimes known as the English Mastiff or the Old English Mastiff, is one of the heaviest dog breeds there is An adult dog can weigh over 200 pounds These huge, powerful dogs, though intimidating, are really very gentle - even gentle giants...

Brazilian Mastiffs – Is This The Right Dog Breed For You?

Author: Dave Barzilay

Category: Pets

More and more people world wide has a growing interest in the Brazilian Mastiff, for his unique qualities and personality It is true that mastiffs are dogs built for fighting bears and wild animals alike, but through the ages, they have developed a gentle loving character that attracts many Still, what do you really know about this large breed dog...

Bullmastiff. Police Poachers And The Bullmastiff

Author: John E Adams

Category: Pets

"Bullmastiff Dog The Origin of the Thief Catcher" The Bullmastiff was originally bred during the course of time with a definite goal in mind – that of building and maintaining a lineage which people could readily recognize, comprehend and appreciate...

The Bullmastiff Dog Origin And History

Author: James Hinkley

Category: Pets

Bullmastiff Origin The Bullmastiff origin and history display a great example of a purpose-bred dog with a lineage that can be easily traced and understood The Bullmastiff dog breed history originates from England and while its history is not as long and storied as other breeds, it is a close descendant of one of the oldest breed of dogs in England, the Mastiff The Mastiff, a giant dog breed that descended from the Alaunt and the Molosser, is believed to have been introduced into ancient Britain more than 2000 years ago...

Dog Breed - What Exactly Is A Bull Mastiff?

Author: Jeremy Wong

Category: Pets

The calm, loyal , and loving Bullmastiff has a strong and protective instinct and personality When danger arouses, it will protect and defend its owner from possible threats It’s origins started in England back in the second half of the nineteen century when gamekeepers needed to protect game preserves and large estates from poachers...

Tibetan Mastiff Training

Author: Henry Zhang

Category: Pets

For centuries Tibetans have believed that one breed of dog, the Tibetan Mastiff, is sacred Tibetan Mastiffs have large heads and long hair...

The Gentle Giant Great Dane

Author: Mike Mathews

Category: Pets

The Great Dane or German Mastiff is the gentle giant of dog breeds This giant dog needs an experienced owner who can cope with a large dog and large demands on the family budget The Dane is gentle, quiet, dignified, well-mannered, loyal and affectionate...

English Mastiff Breeding And Whelping Facts. Raising Mastiff Puppies

Author: Sharon Medforth

Category: Pets

So you want to breed mastiffs Breeding mastiffs is not an easy job, Please take a moment to read this before considering being a mastiff breeder Breeding the Old English Mastiff ...