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Knowing and Understanding Your Bullmastiff

Author: Jeff Nenadic

Category: Pets

Considered to be one of the most powerful canine breeds, the Bullmastiff was the result of cross breeding English Mastiffs with Old English Bulldogs, and was originally bred to thwart the efforts of various poachers and immobilize them However, today they are viewed as viable family pets Additionally, the misconception is that Bullmastiffs are Britain’s oldest breed of canine when in reality it is the Mastiff that is older...

Secrets to Caring For a Mastif

Author: Janine Carter

Category: Pets

If you are reading this article, then Mastiffs at least get your curiosity going As you are doing your research, you may be asking yourself if you are really ready for a Mastiff Mastiff's, while loving and loyal, pose some unique challenges for the first time owners...

Brazilian Mastiffs – Is This The Right Dog Breed For You?

Author: Dave Barzilay

Category: Pets

More and more people world wide has a growing interest in the Brazilian Mastiff, for his unique qualities and personality It is true that mastiffs are dogs built for fighting bears and wild animals alike, but through the ages, they have developed a gentle loving character that attracts many Still, what do you really know about this large breed dog...

Tibetan Mastiff Training

Author: Henry Zhang

Category: Pets

For centuries Tibetans have believed that one breed of dog, the Tibetan Mastiff, is sacred Tibetan Mastiffs have large heads and long hair...

English Mastiff Breeding And Whelping Facts. Raising Mastiff Puppies

Author: Sharon Medforth

Category: Pets

So you want to breed mastiffs Breeding mastiffs is not an easy job, Please take a moment to read this before considering being a mastiff breeder Breeding the Old English Mastiff ...