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The Promises of Christ in the Bible

Author: Pete Stockton

Category: Religion

We all make promises We promise our parents to be home at a certain hour, we promise our brother or sister to help him or her with homework, we promise ourselves we'll do better next time on our exams We also promise God, as Christians, that we'll do our best to do things according to his wishes, that we grow up to be responsible citizens with fear of the Lord...

Outsourcing - The Solution to Getting Your Business Back on Track

Author: Tony Clingan

Category: Business Management

Let me ask you a really important question, are you making all the money you promised yourself when you started your Online Business Are you enjoying all the Free Time you promised you would spend with your friends and family Or are you more likely working 12 to 14 hours a day,7 days a week, yet still only making $100 to $200 Dollars a week Let’s be brutally honest, the only thing that’s growing rapidly is the size of your Credit Card Bills, am I right...

Lessons From the Greeks on Prudent Decision-Making

Author: Barbara Merola

Category: Advice

On a recent trip home to southwest Florida, my family and I stopped by The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art I never thought I would leave a cultural complex boasting a circus museum (John Ringling of the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus), the couple’s Venetian Gothic mansion and an impressive personal art collection with such a valuable life lesson...

How To Get And Keep More Loyal Ezine Subscribers

Author: W.D. Crawford

Category: Marketing

When I noticed an automatically generated note from one of my email list hosting accounts at ProfitAutomation warning me that the account was approaching the 200,000 subscriber limit, and that I needed to increase its size, I realized that I finally had all of the subscribers that I really "needed" That account is one of five that I have with ProfitAutomation, and I also have one with Aweber So, while I still have a goal of building my database to over 1 million subscribers before the end of 2008, subconsciously I have to admit...

Nationwide Home Mortgage Loan Company

Author: David Faulkner

Category: Finances

Reasons for opting Nationwide Loan Company Home Mortgage: No matter where in the US a person lives, getting a home mortgage loan is a must The only way to not have a mortgage is to do all of the work on the house as there is money to do it It could take five years or even more to finish the house...

Telling Stories

Author: Laurie Brown

Category: Business Management

You Made a Mistake…But Now I Am Your Biggest Fan Pearl chose to celebrate her 94th birthday with her family and friends at a local restaurant Although she had always enjoyed the restaurant, she specifically chose it because she was a member of its frequent diner program and was entitled to free desserts for all her guests on her birthday She graciously offered each guest whatever dessert they wanted “on the house...

The Promised Land!

Author: Jimmy Roos

Category: Self Help

When the Israelites heard that God was going to take them to the promised land they were excited as I'm sure you would be too The road to the promised land however turned out not to be what they expected They expected to be taken there speedily and in comfort, but instead the road took them through the desert and they endured all kinds of hardships...

What’s Motion Got To Do With It?

Author: Dr Ina Bliss

Category: Religion

Still ‘moving to and fro, as in Noah’s time’, according to the Greek (intellectual) New Testament is one of the signs of the end-times Signs, BTW, FOLLOW the done deal, and don’t precede it In prior essays, we have established that ‘linear time’ is the stretched moment humanity have received to make corrections, or to overcome...