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Family Law - Children

Author: Hassan Mohsen Elhais

Category: Legal

Custody/ Parental Responsibility Briefly explain the legal position in relation to custody/ parental responsibility following the breakdown of a relationship or marriage Parents do not share equal parental responsibility for the child Following a divorce, the mother will become the ‘custodian’ of young children, and the father the ‘guardian’...

Recession Survival - Right Knowledge About Taxes and Your Online Business

Author: Anne-Marie Ronsen

Category: Internet

Trying to land a great job which gives a good pay is quite difficult to do these days Not everyone can actually have the job of their dreams with a good salary to boot that's why more and more people are resorting to having their very own online business to suffice their needs and wants So you want to start your very own online business...

How to Know if You Can Become a Co-Signer?

Author: Miller Kaitlin

Category: Finances

Help when you can helpIt is true that we must help those who are in need But, you must remember that you can help others only when you are in a position to help...

The Importance of a Spiritual Teacher

Author: Ivan Lasater

Category: Self Help

Navigating through ideas of a spiritual nature can be confusing at times Illuminating the pathway responsibly can require guidance Yoga practitioner, Ivan Lasater discusses the importance of a spiritual teacher...

Economic Liberty Requires Fiscal Responsibility

Author: Oliver Noe

Category: Self Help

Fiscal Responsibility is something Utah was known for and Utah has done with fiscal responsibility in comparison to other states With the economy being what it is these days, Utah has weathered pretty well when it comes to fiscal responsibility However, Utah could do better at creating more economic liberty for itself...

Limited Government

Author: Warner Simokat

Category: Finances

Let's talk about Limited Government I use "limited government" as a positive term here Some uses of limited may mean that there is not enough, but in the case of state sovereignty, economic liberty, fiscal responsibility, educational choice, individual responsibility, and the national government search for a medium ground--limited government means more freedom and more voice of the people...

Best Option For Retirement Living – Retirement Villages Australia

Author: Donald Franker

Category: Finances

It is not an easy task to select a retirement community and many elders do not want to take the responsibility of selecting a retirement villa, thereby they are giving away this responsibility to their children However, choosing the one for their own will ensure that elders will be in a position to enjoy the golden period of their life A place selected by them for retirement living, should enable them to relax in such a way that they need not worry about later stages of their life...

Risky Teen Behavior: Can You Trust Your Child Again?

Author: Janet Lehman

Category: Business

Do you feel like your child has messed up so badly that you might never be able to trust him again Has he wrecked the car, been caught drinking or using drugs, stolen something from school, or gotten involved in vandalism As a parent, you are probably feeling hurt, embarrassed and disappointed—and you wonder, “Will I ever be able to trust my child again...

Corporate Social Responsibility

Author: Dom Desouza

Category: Internet

CSR or corporate social responsibility is otherwise called the sustainable responsible business, corporate conscience or corporate citizenship that takes the responsibility of monitoring the actions and performance of a company to encourage a positive impact on the societyContent: Corporate social responsibility is a built-in mechanism by which the business promises a positive sign to provide an optimistic result to the costumers, employees, shareholders, stakeholders, market and community The business achieves this positive impact by following ethical standards and by functioning as a self-regulating mechanism...

5 Most Important Responsibilities of an International Moving Company

Author: Peter Pori

Category: Business

Let’s face it – moving is a choir many of us would rather not do If we could, we would snap our fingers and make our items disappear from one location to the next in a heartbeatAlthough we don’t have the technology to do this yet, there is one thing that comes close without you having to lift a pinky finger – international moving company or overseas moving companies...

5 Qualities Every Great Sitter Has

Author: Chelsea Thomas

Category: Family Concerns

Often described as a mixed blessing, raising children increases both a parent’s capacity to love as well as the limits of their patience As every hardworking parent knows, getting out of the house alone every once in a while is just as much a blessing, provided they are confident that their children are safe at home with a competent babysitter But how do parents gauge the quality of a babysitter before entrusting them with their children...

Moving Company in Gaithersburg MD, The Best Option to Choose While You Plan a Move

Author: Gaithersburg Movers

Category: Home Management

Gaithersburg is a largely populated area It is an exciting city with much to do One can find so many places to visit here...

Cosigning a Student Loan: An Ugly Truth Parents Need to Know

Author: Lara Sawyer

Category: Finances

Parents are always willing to help their kids in any way they can It is simply a pre-programmed parental instinct While it is expected to disappear once kids get ready to leave home, long-established habits die hard, forcing parents to oversee the well-being of their kids well into adult years...

Some Reasons Why I Could be Due a Tax Refund

Author: Kay Daniels

Category: Finances

Last year the BBC reported that an outstanding 43 million tax payers were due to receive rebates from the tax office, mainly caused by tax errors from the HMRC There have been several other statistics highlighting that there is a growing number of people who are due income tax refunds...

Introduction to Management Account

Author: Abbey Olatunji

Category: Business Management

Introduction to Managerial Accounting (Cost or Management Accounting)What is Managerial Accounting (Management Accounting / Cost Accounting)Managerial accounting is concerned with providing information to managers-that is, people inside an organization who direct and control its operation In contrast, financial accounting is concerned with providing information to stockholders, creditors, and others who are outside an organization...

Create Your Own Abundance

Author: Nick Bogatin

Category: Self Help

“The buck stops here” We’ve all heard this saying before at some point in our lives The phrase was popularized by US President Harry Truman...

Expanding the Present Now !

Author: Lazarouw Valencia

Category: Business

The business world is like a tank crushing the customer faster than shielded from competition We are all suppliers and customers of each other, each with its own urgency The only challenges the better good...

Work Injury Prevention-The Basic Concept of Worker's Protection Part 1

Author: Stell Guino

Category: Finances

Understanding ProtectionProtection here, is a protection system in the form of compensation that is not in the form of monetary or cash, either directly or indirectly, employed by companies to workers This protection by providing a sense of security, both in the financial, health, and physical safety as workers, so workers can move quietly and can contribute positively to the enhancement value of the company...

What Everybody Ought to Know About Their Health Insurance

Author: Kate Wilson

Category: Finances

Are you confused by some of the terminology associated with your health insurance policy If so, you are certainly not alone Thousands of people each year incur additional medical costs because they failed to read the fine print in their health insurance policy...

Hiring a Good Web Host Can be Very Beneficial For Your Search Engine Marketing Service

Author: Esign Web Services

Category: Internet

As soon as you think of launching a Search Engine Marketing Service the work and scope of a designing begins and remains the most important part of the company till the launch of the website The work of the Web Host involves in all aspects of the website development Hiring a Web Host for your company is the most crucial decision for your online marketing company, it’s even more important the deciding the name of the company...

What Is The Problem With Vicarious Atonement?

Author: Det Dave Love

Category: Religion

I believe that an individual should think independently and without undue influence It’s necessary to question the doctrines of your religious and political affiliations to define what is true for you The primary difference I see between the ideologies of Spiritualism and Christianity is the one that deals with the vicarious atonement...

Improving Team Performance and Morale -- 4 Tips on Dealing With Lazy Team Members and Shirkers

Author: Mark Buchan

Category: Sports

Think of this expression for one moment: “you should take more responsibility for your work” If you are like me, this may be an expression that you have used in the past to express your frustration at the paltry efforts of your subordinates, employees or teammates But let’s think about it for a moment – is responsibility something tangible that somebody can literally pick up and put in a wheelbarrow...

Get Corporate Sustainability Reports From a Trusted Source

Author: CSR Hub

Category: Business Management

Whether you are in charge of your company’s social responsibility or need to view and compare corporate sustainability ratings, the key is to get all related data from a trusted source One single source that uses patent-pending methodology of extracting CSR ratings from over 7,000 public and private companies around the world is wwwcsrhub...

Turn Into a Socially Responsible Business With Help From CSRHub

Author: CSR Hub

Category: Business

Any business, however large or small, should aim to contribute to the community, be it at a local or global level A socially responsible company, organization, or business has several avenues to give back to the communityYou too may wish to fulfill your social responsibilities on behalf of your company, but may not be sure how to begin, compare, or rate your contribution...

Legal Penalties For Ignoring Sr22 Insurance California

Author: A Sefiani Xx

Category: Finances

In all states, there are traffic laws that protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians The purpose of the state department of motor vehicles is to ensure drivers follow the guidelines that protect other motorists, pedestrians and propertyIn all states, there are traffic laws that protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians...

How Well Can You Balance Between Career, Family and Friends?

Author: Dennis Loh

Category: Relationships

Most of us have our own career, family and friends However, how well can you balance between them Have you ever think about this issue...

Ron Paul Revolution: We Have Not Yet Begun to Fight

Author: Rohit Dharkhari

Category: Food and Drinks

During the War for Independence fought by the thirteen original colonies of these United States of America, a hero rose from the ranks of the populace by the name of John Paul Jones I believe most Americans have heard of this gentleman, but without going into too much detail he was a captain in the newly formed navy of the United States and it is claimed that at one point in a battle being fought off foreign shores against a supposedly superior British force he was offered a chance to surrender by an over confident English commander It is reported that this offer was made at a time when the outcome of the battle was still uncertain and that Capt...

She Blamed What on His Mother? Part 3 of 3

Author: RA Jones

Category: Family Concerns

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In Part 3 I would like to discuss what we call at Dragon Tamers as the “Line of Responsibility” The line is the point where one can see that responsibility of one person ends and the other begins If you have not already done so, please do a search for the first two parts titled “She Blamed What on his Mother...

Is Forgiveness Really Divine?

Author: Kim Olver

Category: Relationships

Forgiveness is a topic that gets a lot of attention Most people would agree that forgiving others is a good thing to do but why First we need an agreed upon definition of forgiveness...

Miracles Are Your Responsibility

Author: Johndil Emme

Category: Self Help

Miracles are your responsibility What does that mean It’s simple You have a responsibility to create miracles in your own life...

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