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Drug Use in the US Military

Author: Deborah Davise

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

Drug abuse in the US military has been a problem since at least the Civil War, when thousands of Confederate and Union troops became addicted to the newly developed drug morphine Since that time, the armed forces have alternately embraced and condemned drugs In fact, during World War II, the Vietnam War and the Gulf War, the DoD or Department of Defense issued millions of amphetamine pills to soldiers on many different fronts...

Paws For Veterans: A Way to Help War Vets Fit In

Author: Help Kyriaa

Category: Pets

It is often said that nothing is more important for a nation than its sovereignty and to preserve that sense of freedom, hundreds of thousands of soldiers who make up the nation’s army These warriors put their lives on stake for their country Many lose their lives, limbs or some other body part in battle...

5 Uses of Army Dog Tags

Author: Divisiondogtags Divisiondogtags

Category: Pets

In earlier times, when soldiers went to war, they used to write their names and name of their battalion etc on their belongings like jackets, shoes etc They did this because you never know who is going to live or who is going to die, so in case someone needs to identify them, they can do so by seeing their names etc...

Battlefield 3 Cheat

Author: Ivory Presho

Category: Recreation

Battlefield 3 CheatBattlefield 3 is often a really well-known warfare game and virtually each and every gamer has performed one in the variations of Battlefield series BF3 or Battlefield a few was released on 25th October 2011 in North America and on 28th October 2011 in Europe for the Xbox 360, the Microsoft Windows along with the Ps 3 The Battlefield 3 is often a sequel of Battlefield 2; 5 million copies of this online game have been sold inside of initial 7 days and nights of its launch...


Author: Tysonkz Salinas

Category: Home Management

The best survival tools are designed to last, and can be counted on when important situations like emergencies come up Acquiring a large duty survival kit is surely a great deal better than one that is nicely packaged in a lightweight bag but lacks necessary goods The greatest kits are often all those produced by persons who have heeded responses and ideas of discriminating buyers (who could be outdoor enthusiasts)...

Squareheads, Blockheads and Other Epithets As Utilized to German Soldiers of Entire World War I

Author: Faydra Mora

Category: Travel

Here are some of the generally used epithets for German soldiers throughout Planet War I:Bosche--the pejorative French word for German is from the French "albosche," and "caboche" (cabbage head or blockhead) This was very generally utilized to the German soldiers by the French They hardly knew the Entire world War I or II German soldier by any other name...

Insurance Cover For Army Persons Increased

Author: Bima Deals

Category: Society

Extending a better life insurance cover for its persons, Indian Army has increased the Army Group Insurance Fund (AGIF) by Rs 10 lakh and Rs 5 lakh for its 35,000 officers and over one million jawans respectively...

The Complete History Of Neckties

Author: Jeffrey H Hunter

Category: Womens Interest

The necktie has its jump-start into fashion 333 years prior to the new Millennium A King, a war, an usual army with an unusual dress and a noble cause and that no less set the stage for a fashion accessory that lives on to this day "There is a clear-cut relationship between fashion on one hand, and power and wealth on the other...

What Types of Termites Does an Exterminator Find in a Colony?

Author: Chuck Stewart

Category: Home Management

Termites arrange themselves in hives that are similar to a beehive An exterminator recognizes that there are different castes of termites in a colony The average colony contains Queens, Kings, workers, soldiers, and a cast called swarmers...

Bullet Proof Uniforms For Soldiers and Police

Author: Scott Van Der Veer

Category: Career

The need for bullet proof uniforms for soldiers and police are becoming more prevalent due to IED's and close confrontation fighting IED's have become one of the biggest killers of our service members in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars Lower body armor is becoming more of a need due to severe leg injuries which sever or pierce the femoral artery in the upper leg resulting in the soldiers bleeding out very rapidly...

Creating a Photo Album For a Parent on Active Military Duty

Author: Autumn Lockwood

Category: Family Concerns

Presently, there are many homes around the world with one or both parents absent because they are on active military duty Military parents sacrifice the ultimate when they serve our great nation and must leave their children and families for long extended periods of time In many cases, a military parent may be gone from their family for a year or longer at a time before being allowed to return home...

The Amazing Soldiers of the Terracotta Army: A Great Gift Idea

Author: Don Oppenheim

Category: Culture

In 1974 an amazing discovery was made in China totally by accident Some peasants were sinking a well near the village that they lived in When they reached a depth of 2 meters they came across some cakes of reddish brown clay...

What Challenge Coins Mean to Soldiers

Author: Jason Bacot

Category: Recreation

People in the military expect to work hard, and some of them go that extra mile beyond the high expectations they are already expected to live up to In some cases, a soldier's efficiency, productivity, or an act of bravery is considered exceptional, and they are properly thanked by their superiors, sometimes with a handshake and a verbal expression of thanks, and sometimes with a special certificate of appreciation But military coins are another way that soldiers may be thanked for their exceptional dedication to their work, and these irreplaceable coins carry very special meaning...

Termites – Know Them to Kill Them!

Author: Penny Lane

Category: Home Management

Who does not wish to have solitude in the home But when you are forced to live with some uninvited guests, you will certainly lose your peace of mind All you need to do is call mouse and mice killing or exterminating services to get rid of all kinds of pests...

Military Rules Of Engagement In Peace Mission

Author: Kissinger Akugue

Category: World Affairs

To say that the rules of engagement in every peacekeeping mission be reviewed is an understatement A military peacekeeping mission is a combat operation by itself; therefore I see no reason why the UN would send soldiers to volatile regions against volatile militias or rebels while keeping the noncombatant policy knowing that they would be attacked by the fighting forces We all witnessed the shameful slaughtering of the AU/UN joint forces in Darfur some years back; how soldiers hand guns in their hands, with their eyes opened while they were being attacked by rebels yet they could not fight back because of the policy that puts them in bondage...

Amazing Army Birthday Parties - All-American Ideas For Decorations and Party Food!

Author: Elizabeth Chastain

Category: Entertainment

Ideas for Army birthday parties, including decorations and party food, to help you create the great adventure Ten-hut Get ready to create some muddy good fun...

The Rigid Training of Army Fitness Program

Author: Sean Goudelocks

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

When you are healthy, it leads you to have a quality and enjoyable life It improves your disposition in life Your outlook is positive no matter what the challenges you face...

Easy Transition From Military To Civilian Jobs

Author: Tiffany Myles R. Welch

Category: Jobs

Being in the military service can be a promising career for most of the younger generation But as you know, not all soldiers end up having high ranks Rank promotions can give higher salary for those who happen to avail a higher position than the average soldier...

Black Veterans Still Not Receiving Their Due

Author: Meta J. Mereday

Category: Politics

With a Black President, many discussions have been re-kindled regarding the treatment of Blacks in various facets of American society One area that still lacks in the depth required to first, identify problems and issues, and second, outline and implement solutions involves the care and support of Black veterans Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine all the problems and issues that specifically impact Black veterans and what they have been lacking from the country they have served for centuries because of the extensive gap that exists between veterans’ services and ALL veterans...

Future Force Warrior – The Latest in Soldier Combat Technology

Author: Felix Lehmann

Category: Society

Future force warrior or FFW is the latest technology that has been developed by the United States military to protect additional protection yet reduce the fighting load of the soldier This new development is a part of the Future Combat Systems project, the goal of which is to create a light weight but completely integrated combat system for all its soldiers Various modern concepts like nanotechnology, powered exoskeletons and magnetorheological fluid-based suit are a few that has been incorporated into the making of this combat system...

Toy Soldiers - The Video Game

Author: Roberto Sedycias

Category: Computers and Technology

Toy Soldiers is classed as a tower defense game, these have been known in the past to be incredibly frustrating and restrictive in game play Thankfully the creators have eliminated this problem by allowing you to jump in to any of the defenses, giving it a much more strategic feel about it The ability to man the guns yourself is always more rewarding...

Freedom Comes at a High Price

Author: Elizabeth Johnson

Category: Advice

Freedom comes at a high price No matter what they may think about the current war efforts in Iraq, most Americans understand that the soldiers fighting on behalf of our country are working to maintain the tradition of standing up for our beliefs that first began back in the 1770s – and which allowed the creation of this great United States November 11 is the day we set aside to honor the sacrifices made by our soldiers...

U.S. Military Code Talkers - The Navajo Unwritten Words

Author: Earl Keaton

Category: Leadership

Words from the wise never had a cryptic meaning until the Navajo ‘Code Talkers,’ later romanticized by the movie Wind Talkers, became the saving secret code during World War II Recently, the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, were honored by a visit from four Navajo Code Talkers Their native tongue foiled the Japanese attempts to further assault Americans after the attack on Pearl Harbor...

Land Army - The Safety Measure of a Nation

Author: Felix Lehmann

Category: Society

The word army was originated from the Latin word ‘Armata’ which means armed things Armata was defined from the French word ‘armee’ which in turn means feminine The land based military of a nation is also termed as army...

Legitimacy of the Intervention in a Country's Sovereignty

Author: Artur Victoria

Category: Politics

It is interesting that the revolutions of 1688 to 1789 did not place much emphasis on courts The Bills of Rights were not intended to be enforced by the courts against legislatures The grievances to which the revolutions were directed were the excesses of an overweening domestic sovereign power...

An article by an Expert Author Find Out More About the Different Aspects of the Military MRE: Meal, Ready to Eat

Author: Kim Hald

Category: Food and Drinks

What Are Military MREs Primarily, the acronym MRE stands for Meal, Ready to Eat, which plays an important role in military operations Military MRE refers to pre-packed food commonly used to feed soldiers who are currently engaged in ongoing missions...

A Glimpse of History Through Civil War & Western Replicas

Author: Carol Cook

Category: Advice

Historical reenactments are one of the fastest growing hobbies in America, and its no surprise Our history as Americans defines how we are today Through learning from the past, we can appreciate all the sacrifices and hard work that our ancestors made in order to secure our freedoms...

Ahoy There Matey - Lego Pirate Toy Building Sets

Author: BB Vaughn

Category: Recreation

Lego Pirate themed sets were first released for sale in 1989 The Lego pirate sets included the first mini figures without a very realistic looking head that only had 2 dots for eyes and a drawn smile The faces of these minfig pirates did vary from the ones that had painted eye patches and drawn beards and hair...

Dogs of War

Author: Geoffrey English

Category: Pets

Battlefield Dogs Not much is written about the heroics of early war dogs Even today's modern canine soldier is practically invisible to all but those who work with them side by side in the trenches But war dogs have a colorful and courageous history stretching all the way back to ancient Egypt...

BRAC - Base Realignment And Closure

Author: Sam Huntington

Category: Society

Base Realignment and Closure (or BRAC) is a process created by the United States federal government in an attempt to save money on military operations and maintenance In short, BRAC is intended to make our military more efficient The BRAC procedure entails closing excess military installations and realigning (relocating) the total asset inventory...

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