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Dollar Film Walid Al Kurdi - The film tells the story of reem, a young egyptian political activist, during the period of egypt.Advertise at - Guaranteed Top Exposure starting at $12 only!

Moral Stories For Kids of All Age

Author: Shweta.shinde Shinde

Category: Parenting

Moral Stories For Kids Of All AgeShort stories are the best way to teach your children and also have fun with them, you will not only teach your children about the good morals but also teach them to follow the right path to make them a good fit for the societyTry to read some short story book for your kids for at least 10 to 15 min every day, try to read only those stories which have some good lessons to spread which your children can use for a lifetimeReading books can improve your kids’ communication and also improve their skills which are the essential thing for dealing this world in a long run...

Wedding Videography Trends

Author: Maria A Williams

Category: Marriage

Wedding videos don`t have to be dull and boring More couples are finding the right value in hiring the right videographers that are capable to produce an entertaining wedding video that will satisfy even the most demanding expectations Hiring a professional videographer is a standard part of the entire event...

How We Started Our Blog?!

Author: Bhavyyash Agarwal

Category: Writing

It’s never too late…This is our first blog but we just dove right into it We had similar worries like any other first time blogger… “Errm, I don’t know what to write” “Uhhh, I can’t write that well”; the truth being it’s not about how complicated your topic is or how leveled your English is, what matters most is how you express yourself while writingNeither of us are literature majors nor did anyone in our team have a history in story telling...

Inflammation - What Does it Mean and Why is Everyone Talking About It?

Author: Lynda Enright

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

A Story of InflammationInflammation is a hot topic today But, for everyone, the word doesn’t necessarily create a picture in your mind of what it means I understand it can be overwhelming and maybe a bit irritating with the magnitude of information available today – on nutrition, health, fitness – all things wellness...

Make Your Property Valuable With a Planned Home Remodeling

Author: Greg Mg

Category: Home Management

A couple of years back homes were then fundamentally reconstructed for making them more favorable for own use There was no business consequence to it On the other hand, today things have changed a great deal...

Darkness Triggers True Colors of Leadership

Author: David Cunic

Category: Writing

Since childhood we have all heard stories about why and how the autumn leaves of green deciduous trees display such a wide variety of colors in Autumn, before they fall to the ground Some of these explanations are far fetched and some come pretty close to the actual chemical mechanism Here’s how it actually works:As most everyone knows, the chemical, chlorophyll, is responsible for the dominant green color palette we observe in Spring and Summer...

Top 6 Latest Hindi Movies List of Bollywood Which Made New Popularity Graph

Author: Avigau Gautam

Category: Entertainment

Indian cinema is world famous for the unique story and amazing songs, with beautiful acting status of the film Because of all these reasons we can see that lot of Hindi movies became so much famous and came into the list top successful films and got worldwide popularity alsoHere we are sharing the list of latest Hindi movies which I want to see again and again because of their great story and high intellectuality level...

An article by an Premium Author Fundraising Videos - Giving Your Charity a Little Boost

Author: Eddie Justo

Category: Society

Nearly every day we see different awareness videos on all kinds of social media Many nonprofit organizations and charities are using marketing videos to raise money for their different projects and charities and most of them are quite successful raising millions in just a few days So what is the big secret that all these charities and nonprofit organizations are using to raise millions...

What Story Are You Telling About Your Business?

Author: Ursula Jorch

Category: Marketing

Marketing has been described as storytelling You are creating a story about your businessSome marketing stories are masterfully crafted...

Why and How to Use Testimonials and Stories to Boost Website Conversions?

Author: Easy Media Network

Category: Marketing

After you have found your target audience for your business, most business owners often encounter a dilemma as if how to bridge an alliance with them, very particularly at the juncture when you are not aware why they should tend to take interest in your products/services Writing outrightly like “Please buy from us because we believe in quality” or questioning simply, “Why you would purchase from us” do not sound decent and workable so you will want to resolve better alternatives in this regard...

What to Know About Dissertation Editing Services?

Author: Hannah J Anderson

Category: Business

Often, people wonder whether there is a need for dissertation editing services Let us put it simply Everyone needs dissertation editing services when they need to make a dissertation...

Inculcate Reading Habits in Children

Author: Sia Mitra

Category: Parenting

Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers ~Charles W EliotCharles Eliot had his facts right...

List of Top 5 Best Disney Pixar Movies of All Time

Author: Charis Terk

Category: Travel

Perhaps nobody has as exquisite craftsmanship as Pixar does in making animated features With its totally 14 feature films ever created since 1995, the subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company makes it easily earn 27 Academy Awards, 7 Golden Globe Awards, and more Since there has been a great number of people demanding for the best Disney Pixar movies, here we have compiled the list of Pixar films and reviewed the top Disney Pixar movies considered as the best as a response...

How to Use Your Website Design to Tell a Story

Author: Infinista Concepts

Category: Internet

Some of the most loved websites can effectively convey their brand promise and tell convey information about who they are This gets users interested to know more and ensures that the brand’s message is passed on in an impactful way How do they do this...

Text Messaging Stories

Author: Priyanka Kamath

Category: Internet

Text messaging is a medium which everyone uses today Since it is the easiest and cheapest mode to keep in touch with people, everyone prefers using it Its popularity has today reached to such a level that many people have become text messaging addicts...

Beginner's Guide to PR

Author: Conrad Egusa

Category: Marketing

One of the best forms of advertising for businesses is publicity via editorial coverage This can improve a company’s bottom line, business relationships, and reputation Unfortunately, this is also one of the most misunderstood marketing channels...

3 Simple Steps For Article Writing

Author: Thanh Binh Hoang

Category: Business

I really hate how the way the university is operatingThey do not even want to help me to do my essaysI receive like whole bunch of general ideas about structures and stuffs...

8 Great Documentary Films That We May Not Know

Author: Kevin Ferrara

Category: Home Management

"Is Everyone Happy" directed by Tim Marklevitz "Is Everyone Happy" The documentary is from 1st time director, Tim Marklevitz...

What Can a DUI Lawyer Do?

Author: Eun Digeorgio

Category: Legal

The purpose of a DUI Lawyer is to help in defense of those charged with a DUI in a court of law If you are trying to work up a defense on your own for DUI charges, you'll do much better with a DUI Lawyer A DUI Lawyer is studied in the law, is familiar with the court room procedures, may probably know the police, lawyers, attorneys, and other law workers within the court system...

Pre-Writing Strategies For Book Reports Writing

Author: Steve Johson

Category: Writing

Book reports are the amalgamation of description, critical analysis and evaluation of book content, plot and characters of a book Writing a book report is a difficult task that needs to deal with large amount of information in relatively small space Writing is a separate exclusive matter but there are certain pre-writing steps that are necessary to craft a report in an impressive way...

Watch Think Like a Man Online and Enjoy the Romantic Comedy of Famous Stars

Author: Hrinfo Technology

Category: Entertainment

In today’s world people have no time to go theaters and multiplexes for watching their favorite movies They want to watch their favorite movies with their family at home We provide facility to such people to watch and download movies at their home on moviegaggle...

Hindi Movie Review- Housefull 2

Author: Markel Steve

Category: Entertainment

Sajid Nadiawala and Eros International’s movie Housefull 2 is a comedy and the story of 4 friends’ get married to four girls The movies is ful of super stars of Bollywood and have a story of 4 fathers, 4 daughters and 4 potential son-in- law Every father in this movie covets that his daughter should marry the son-in-law who is the richest among all...

Grand Illusion of Tomorrow

Author: Julie Ross

Category: Internet

Grand Illusion of Tomorrow is a tragic, romantic, and educational novel...

Little-Known Ways to Conserve the Dull Campout

Author: Marcia Jones

Category: Sports

The environment is already arranged by the stunning backdrop Mother Nature provides, the odor of the camping fire and what ever pleasurable foods you have prepared for the weekend Want some easy recipes However what...

Main Parts of College Book Reports

Author: Johson Prado

Category: Writing

College Book reports are basic literary assignments generally given to students to know their understanding of a book Unlike an essay, book reports offer summaries of story plot, themes and characters Students learn to use a single source for this special kind of assignment, it requires creativity and attentions to understand the gist of the story and address all important instance of a book...

Mediscribes a Participant Of Health Story organization Stands by Health Story Members.

Author: Mike Perry

Category: Medical Business

March 23, 2012 Louisville, Mediscribes, a leading provider of Medical Transcription Services and document management systems all across the globe, as members of Health Story Organization have vowed to stand by each and every Health Story MemberHealth story is an alliance of healthcare associations, providers and vendors through which resources were pooled over a period of 3 years Rapid development initiatives were taken for producing standards of data for the purpose of flow of information between various types of electronic health records and healthcare documents...

Land Your Ultimate Story With Successful Media Relations

Author: Joseph Augustine

Category: Writing

Just think what your dream hit is While nothing inspires more fear and trepidation in public relations professionals than media relations; it doesn’t have to be much complicated Remember the following tips and soon you can land your ultimate story...

SEO Strategies Meta and Title Tag

Author: Marshel Luise

Category: Internet

For the best performance in a web site you use the attractive and valuable Titles & Meta Tags are use with special HTML Tags that this are inserted into your related web page and the this tag use for only search engine not directly visible to our visitors There are many different types of this Tags that can be used for many different purposes Our main focus is the increase the page visibility here is the Meta Tags used with search engine optimization...


Author: Lee Barwood

Category: Wellness, Fitness and Diet

In 1882 Frank Munsey created the pulp fiction magazine format He produced magazines on cheap pulp paper so he could reach a vastly wider audience, selling his “pulps” at ten cents, less than half the price of a typical slick magazine such as Harper’s With other publishers following suit, it revolutionized the industry as millions of Americans from all walks of life could afford them...

The Top Ten Martial Arts Films of All Time

Author: Michael Waugh

Category: Sports

The 10 films here represent a broad selection of martial arts films They are amongst the best of each type of film It pains me to say it, but there is only 1 Bruce Lee film in this list...

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