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Registering For VAT- What Are the Criteria?

Author: Willam King

Category: Business

Doing wholesale business in the UK is one of the most lucrative options available If you do the things in right way, the chances of becoming successful are high For the UK wholesale suppliers, with an annual turnover which exceed certain limit, getting registered for VAT is compulsory...

So You Are Thinking of Buying a Jet?

Author: Edward Leigh Leigh

Category: Business

IntroductionBuying an aircraft and setting up a suitable ownership structure is a complex and time consuming process It requires significant professional input from legal, corporate and tax experts Historically, the process of identifying the most suitable jurisdiction for ownership and the establishment of a suitable structure for the aircraft was relatively straight forward...

How to Beat the VAT Increase

Author: Vatincreaseqi Rise

Category: Computers and Technology

The count down has begun to rising retail prices throughout the UK as the increase of VAT from 175% to 20% will take effect on 4th January 2011However, all is not lost; you can buy now at Sound & Vision and beat the VAT increase...

Ignition Switch Keys - Installation and Repair Services

Author: Christine James

Category: Internet

San Diego Locksmith provides car ignition installation, repair, and replacement services Our experienced and professional auto locksmith technicians are available to you 24/7 throughout the year We have an average of 15 minute response services at competitive rates in the San Diego area...

Long Tail Keywords Send Loads of Traffic

Author: Gregor Spowart

Category: Finances

One of the things I’m always surprised about is the sheer variety of search terms that people use to find my websiteRecently I wrote a very brief post about the impact of the recent VAT changes in the UK and how it would likely affect small businesses I didn’t actually write it with the intention of attracting lots of topical traffic but it did...

How Institutional Investors May Avoid Due Diligence Pitfalls in China

Author: Coco Kee

Category: Business

While institutional investors were still recovering from the shocks of some accounting scandals involving Chinese companies listed on US exchanges through reverse merger, Caterpillar’s $580 million write-down due to fraudulent accounting practices of its Chinese subsidiary cast yet another chill on future transactions U...

Taxation Factors In Acquisitions In Finland

Author: Esa Wuorenpaa

Category: Legal

An acquisition in Finland is often made rather as a share purchase than a business transfer due to the reasonably beneficial capital gains taxation in Finland From a buyer’s perspective, most of the taxation advantages lie with a business transfer It goes without saying that the interests of the parties are conflicting...

How Many Companies Will go Under Because of the Petrol Prices?

Author: Garry Hudson

Category: Finances

With recent hikes in fuel prices they add significantly to the cost of some businesses Those engaged in logistics or other fuel intensive industries such as mining and agriculture bear the brunt of the increase since they have to pay for fuel today but cannot realise income until goods are sold or services performed That means there can be additional cash flow pressures on funding the cost and at a time when banks have restricted lending – this can send an otherwise profitable business to the wall...

What is VAT?

Author: Philbert Xavier Jenkins

Category: Finances

Taxes in general can be divided into direct taxes and indirect taxes Direct taxes are those that are assessed and levied upon people, whereas indirect taxes are levied upon goods and services Income tax and inheritance tax are direct taxes; stamp duty on property, duties on alcohol and cigarettes are indirect taxes...

Pick up Electrical Supplies Before the VAT Rise

Author: Richard.E Davies

Category: Home Management

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s announcement of a 25 per cent increase in VAT (from 175 per cent to 20 per cent) wasn’t exactly a decision greeted with joy when the news was first reported back in June...

UK Moves Towards E-Invoicing

Author: James Dane

Category: Business

The UK is moving closer to finalising measures designed to simplifying VAT measures in the EU This will pave the way to accept the wider use of e-invoicing or electronic invoicing The technology to create and use e-invoicing has been around for sometime however very few countries/tax authorities, at present, accept them...

The Work of Certified Accountancy and Tax Specialists

Author: Lorabella

Category: Career

Business owners, whether they are involved in small businesses or big ones need to prepare their accounts for auditing and taxes The process can be elaborate, complex and time consuming and taking professional help is advised This is where accounting and taxation professionals come of assistance...

Business Phone Apps to Make You More Efficient

Author: Pat Munro

Category: Computers and Technology

In today’s world of competition and fast growth, telecommunication is not restricted to only exchanging words it has become a very strong medium to run your business very efficiently and effectively You can download various types of Business phone apps over the internet Some of the basic apps which are very essential for any phone are: •a calculator to do simple calculations like addition, multiplication or finding the square of a number etc...

The Merits of a Domestic Appliance Scrappage Scheme

Author: Elmo Populous

Category: Politics

In a recent move to help the environment, The British Retail Consortium has put in a request to the Government to introduce a domestic appliance scrappage scheme akin to the car industry scrappage programme that already exists in Britain The suggestion is that the government should waive the 15 per cent VAT on white goods such as fridges and washing machines when customers trade up The intension is that this will encourage consumers to replace old energy consuming appliances with ‘greener’ versions and stimulate the economy which will benefit us all...

Introduction to Vat Registration and Accounting For Value Added Tax

Author: Terry Cartwright

Category: Finances

When the sales turnover of a business reaches the vat threshold, currently 67,000 pounds per annum until reviewed in April 2009, then registration for vat is compulsory If financially beneficial, businesses can register for vat prior to sales turnover reaching the vat threshold When a business registers for vat it becomes responsible for charging vat at the correct percentage on every sales invoice and transfer of goods and services and also maintaining accurate financial accounting records of the vat charged hat are subject to vat inspections...

Hazlemere Windows Encourage the Government to Delay VAT Increase

Author: Matt Crick

Category: Business

With so many businesses across the UK imploring the Government to delay its highly unpopular VAT increase on December 31st; it is no surprise that The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has finally made a robust stance in calling for a delay to this tax increase The BRC has reinforced the nationwide plea by UK retailers not to raise the current 15 per cent to 175 per cent VAT at the end of the year as this is widely known to be the busiest and lucrative time for the high street, and could potentially cripple, if not crush, thousands of businesses within the sector...

Stereo Lithography Information and SLA Stereolithography Info

Author: Ryan Rounds

Category: Computers and Technology

Stereolithography or SLA is one of the most commonly used rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing technology for creating several parts with excellent surface finish and high accuracy Stereolithography is a mechanism used to perform Stereolithography Apparatus SLA creates plastic parts or even objects a layer by marking out a laser beam on the surface of the liquid photopolymer...

Review DIY Accounting Limited Company Accounting Software

Author: Terry Cartwright

Category: Business

As the whole small business accounting software for a limited liability company is written on excel spreadsheets all bookkeeping transactions are visible Each excel workbook being arranged in 12 monthly worksheets Prime data entry excel spreadsheets being provided for sales, purchases, cash, bank, savings account and credit card account...

5 Tax Saving Tips For Your Company

Author: Jim Haines

Category: Business Management

Do you want your company to pay less tax this year Of course you do It's a pretty silly question, right...

The Benefits Of Contract Hire And Leasing Vehicles

Author: Martin Prescot

Category: Automotive

A great advantage of car leasing is the potential to enable people to drive the cars they want, but can't necessarily afford to buy outright This alone makes it a very attractive purchasing method for many individuals and start-up businesses wanting to make a positive, professional impression by driving an executive vehicle Contract hiring also allows people to easily change their cars more frequently than through traditional buying and selling...

Setting Up A Small Business

Author: Carolyn Clayton

Category: Business

Many individuals and groups in Britain set up their own businesses every day According to Companies House, almost 25,000 new businesses are set up throughout the country every month There are various reasons as to why people may choose to start their own business...

An article by an Expert Author Bulgarian Property Investment Off Plan & Taxes

Author: K Damian Qualter BA MBA

Category: Real Estate

Bulgarian Property Investment Tax Basics The Bulgarian property tax structure may appeal to you if you are sick of paying inflated local fees in your area and are looking for something better Many foreign investors and second home owners buy property in Bulgaria because the property taxes in Bulgaria are a lot lower than the property taxes in their locale Bulgarian property tax is one of the most popular topics on property forums these days...

The Basic Principles Of Vat

Author: Benedict Rohan

Category: Finances

VAT (Value Added Tax) is a sales tax, levied on the expenditure of consumer goods and services and business transactions, which is paid by the consumer at the point of purchase and collected by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) First introduced to the UK in 1973, it is now a major source of revenue for the government There are four different categories for VAT: standard rate (17...