Tips for training your dog

Discover through this interesting article everything related to advice to train your dog, what it consists of and the importance that these have in the behavior and mood of man’s best friend.

What is training your dog?

The decision to adopt a dog must always be made with planning, responsibility, patience and above all a lot of love. Dogs are known as man’s best friend, because these little animals are faithful, loving and unconditional. Once you adopt one, they go from being simple pets to becoming members of the family, sharing the good and bad moments that life has to offer.

That is why the need arises to instill in them an appropriate behavior, since not only their mood depends on it, but also the guarantee that they will be able to stay with the family that adopted them without generating problems. Many times families are criticized who want their dog to have an excellent behavior and see the issue of its adoption compromised to this.

Sometimes the family has the best intentions and they have the financial resources, the patience and the love necessary to adopt the dog, but they are limited to the rules of the space in which they live (mostly when talking about apartments), that is why that highlights the need and importance of training your dog.

Tips for training your dog

You should know that once you have your dog at home, start training his behavior little by little, with perseverance and dedication. It is estimated that the perfect age for you to start training your dog is after 4 months of life, which is when they are most receptive to all cognitive processes.

Some tips that you should consider when training your dog are:

  • They consider you family and part of their pack, that is why you must show yourself as the leader, so that your orders are taken into account and not ignored.
  • It is not advisable to sleep with them, because they confuse your authority in the house.
  • Dogs work under a routine of feeding, time to go to the bathroom, walk, naps, among other habits.
  • While the dogs eat, you should not approach. As much as they love you, they can react under their territorial instincts, as is the case of defending their food.
  • Try not to give your dog human food, it is harmful to his body.
  • Take him out for a walk, they too get bored with the routine and need to exercise to avoid being overweight, anxious and stressful.
  • When you need your dog to learn a specific behavior or trick, reward him with food, other times with caresses or games. It also helps the repetition and daily record of said activity or trick.
  • Never tie it, not only does it harm your body, but you generate anxiety, fear and stress.
  • Establish a specific site for him to relieve himself. Remember to bring your bag and collect the needs of your dog, so you contribute to the cleanliness of your community.

Importance of training your dog

By training your dog you are not only improving his behavior, but you are helping to foster a bond of trust and affection between the two of you. Totally contrary to the rumors that say that training takes him away from you or changes his essence.

Also, remember that this training is a temporary teaching process, its duration is subject to the time the dog takes to learn the specific behavior or trick that is desired. In the future you will see how your dog looks happier, more sociable, with less stress and with more affinity with you.

You should never hit, mistreat, punish, or do any type of activity that compromises the dog’s health. That is no longer training, but mistreatment and abuse of the animal. Remember that your dog is one more member that deserves respect and love within the family, as it will give you happiness and faithful company.

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